4 Things…It's Summer

It is finally summer and I'm excited. Summer time in San Diego is always perfect. Here are few things I have been doing lately. I hope they inspire you. Happy Weekend.Dreaming Of: Years ago, Mike and I shot Whitney and Greg's wedding in Anchorage, Alaska on summer solstice. They had a baby then, but now, there's another on the way. I love following our clients on Facebook and seeing their families grow. Sending lots of hugs your way. Cheers to more babies.

Creating: A series of underwater images.  I'm loving the challenges that shooting underwater comes with.  I'm learning to hold my breath longer and judge distances to focus on our manual focus film camera.  I've got to tell you I miss through the lens focusing.

Listening To: Jackie and Kim's Wedding CD. It's amazing. I love getting my hands on people's mixed tapes.  It's an art in itself.

Celebrating: Recently my younger brother welcomes his first born into the world. I'm an aunt. I just met him today. It was love at first sight.




The $40,900 Question: Annette Gomez

 Annette Gomez's classic and timeless floral designs are inspiring. We were able to gain insight into summer floral trends, seeking inspiration, and dream summer trips when we interviewed Annette. She really is lovely. Be sure to pop by her website for some more floral eye candy.

1. Favorite summer blooms? Zinnias, cosmos, and garden roses.

2. Color palettes that are spiring you this summer? Bright hot color. Always orange. I love orange for summer. And green, actually green is my favorite color and I can't get enough green. Yellow is another great summer color.

3. Describe your signature style. My signature style has evolved over the years, but the look I have always loved is one that is loose and unstructured. It is usually created from lots of goodies foraged from my garden. I like to think my style is approachable and not contrived. I lean towards a simple, clean, classic, and timeless look.

4. Any advice for brides to be? Relax! Use Pinterest for inspiration but don’t insist that everything look exactly like the pictures on your board. Embrace what mother nature has to offer you at the time of your wedding. Hire wonderful professional vendors and then let them do their thing. Let go… let go… let go…. Surprises are a wonderful thing.

5. What keeps you inspired? Nature always inspires me… and my garden. I love working in my garden and digging in the dirt. This is where I get most of my inspiration.

6. Describe the perfect bouquet. There isn’t just one perfect bouquet, as it usually  depends on the bride. I tend to like a hand held cluster of just one type of flower, maybe sweet peas or lily of the valley or even daffodils can make a lovely bouquet. If I am not in a simple mood, then I go for lots of green textures with a few funky blooms.  Perhaps garden roses or what ever is growing in my garden at the moment.

7. Favorite summer destination? Guadalajara Mexico or really anywhere in Mexico.

8. Beach or mountains? I like both.

9. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do? Italy. The Vatican. If I am really dreaming, I would have a meal with Pope Francis. I would love that! I would walk my way through Italy sampling all of the wonderful cuisine and I would take my darling husband with me.  

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