4 Things // Tropical Love

So much goodness. 3 weddings and an epic event in two states. Mike and I are having all the fun this week.

Dreaming of: Today's Maui wedding for Francesca and Matt. It was so fun to photograph their proposal and now I get to meet all of their friends and family and photograph them getting married with my awesome sidekick Deme. - Suzanne

Listening to : So many podcasts as I drive around the island searching for the best coffee in maui. If you have any tips send them my way. - Suzanne

Photographing : Some people plan their wedding for over a year, and some people are so in love it takes a week.  I can't wait to set sail this weekend for a wedding on the bay. - Mike

Family : Twice a year my mom comes to visit from New York. She gets here on Monday for two weeks. My mom is one of my best friends. She's so cool and fits in wherever we go. I can't wait to grab a beer with her and try to find something new to show her. 

Jenna and Ryan : Seaside Scripps Forum

I'm so happy for these two.  Look at all this love.  I'm so happy for Jenna and Ryan and their family and friends.  What a day!  This is all the good stuff in life. 

Much love,


Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum

Coordination: Amanda Geffen

Photography: Shewanders Photography

Florist: Plenty of Petals

Videographer: Arvin Abadilla

DJ: Michael Tiernan 

Caterer: Culinary Concepts


































































































Waterworld : Daniella and James

When I started experimenting with underwater photography I knew instantly that I wanted to incorporate a familiar aspect into this new work. I am fortunate to get to capture the dynamics of so many couples in love each year and was excited to combine that with this project.  I wanted to experiment with how love would show up in a new and unexpected environment.  What was born from this combination of interests was an intimate and special set of moments.  It seems like people getting photographed underwater tend to forget they are being photographed. What happens after that is a series of real and passionate emotions. They close their eyes, reach for each other, and get lost in the middle of the water as if no one else is around.xoxo,

Suzanne underwaterdj1underwaterdj4underwaterdj2underwaterdj3




4 things...loved ones

Hello all, I hope you have had a joyous week. I am spending this weekend with my family for a very special occasion, my brothers wedding. I am thrilled to be apart of his big day as a bridesmaid. It is a different way to view a wedding, to stand so close to the bride and groom and feel the emotional connection they share, and to look out at all their loved ones who are wishing them the best. It reminds me how important family and friends are. These are the people who are the nearest and dearest to your heart. The people who will support, love, and care for you. The people that will cheer for your successes and be around to pick you up if you fall. What would we be without our loved ones.Craving : my mom's cooking. Part of me wishes I could stay home forever just to be able to eat her food everyday.

Buying : gifts for my nephew. He is 3 months old now and I just want to get him everything I see. I did buy him a pair of footed monkey pajama's that I cannot wait to see on him.

Planning : A date night with my girlfriends. I could use a little bit more time with my friends and family this week. I am thinking of taking them to the landmark theater in Hillcrest to watch Art and Craft. The premise reminds me of Exit Through The Gift Shop, so I have a feeling I will enjoy it.

Exploring :  my new neighborhood. It is such a beautiful and lively place. There are so many coffee bars and new places to eat. Mike and I are going to have a good time trying them all and finding some new favorite places. So far we found a place called Senor Mangos that has the freshest smoothies and acai bowls. They also have a little fruit shop next door with local fruits and vegetables.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone and send a family member or friend some love today.





Waterworld : Daniella

savethedate9As an artist I believe in continuing to study your craft, improving your skills and searching outside of your comfort zone for inspiration.  I wanted to seek inspiration outside of the norm and challenge myself with a new skill this year, so over the summer I started experimenting with underwater photography.  I have always loved being in the water, the feeling of being weightless, carefree, relaxed and floating in a dreamlike state.  I wanted to use this underwater exploration as a way to not only practice something completely different than what I am use to, but to visually create the freedom I feel when I am in the water.  I'd say my summer project was a success and this is the first set of a mini series of images inspired by the blissfulness of being in the water.xoxo,


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4 things...hello fall

The first week of fall is here and although it still feels like summer is lingering, mostly because of the weather, I am ready for the beauty of Fall.  I love how new season's seem to bring new adventures. Summer to me always feels full of bright, happy and fun times where Fall always feels full of intimate, special and personal joy. Mike and I have begun feeling that special joy of Fall with the move to our new place. It is the perfect time of year to create a new personal space.  Now that the big move is coming to an end I was fortunate to get some time to enjoy the things that come around this time of year.Moved by: SD film festival.  I went to the world premiere of a film about Chelsea King from Poway, Ca.  It was a touching documentary told from her brothers point of view that brought a mixture of emotions out of me.  I would highly recommend it.   Chelsea's Light: A Brother's Journey.

Noticing: signs of fall in San Diego.  Ghee the weather doesn't seem to change but...TV shows return.  Hello Scandal!

Watching:  Scandal along with the rest of my fall line up.  Watching new shows, drinking warm drinks, and snuggling up in blankets on the couch with Mike sums up some of my favorite things to do this time of year.

Dreaming of: my brothers wedding next weekend.  I am ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding as a bridesmaid instead of a photographer.  I am looking forward to every bit of it.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone.






The $40,900 Question: Jesenia and Caroline of Ooh La Love Events

Jesenia and Caroline are the sweet girls behind Ooh La Love Events. Their close attention to detail and genuine love for weddings shows just how much they care about what they do. Read on to find out what inspires these girls and what they would do with $40,900.1. A piece of advice for brides to be? Don't try to plan your whole wedding in one day. Decide what is most important to you, and make that a priority. Surround yourself with wedding professionals who you trust, and who understand your style and vision, so that you can let go of everything and enjoy your wedding.

2. Something brides don't often think about when planning a wedding but should? As a bride, you put so much time and energy into the preparation for your big day and making sure every detail is perfectly planned, but it's also important to remember your guests. People travel across the country, and sometimes even across the world to see you say 'I Do', so it's always nice to keep their comfort in mind. Greeting out of town guests with welcome bags or small touches like providing throw blankets on a cold night, or flip-flops for ladies who just can't take those heels any longer are all great ways to make your guests feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

3. What makes Ooh La Love Events so wonderful? Being partners, we bring different strengths and styles to the table, and we have so much fun working together. While Jesenia is super organized and drawn towards more classic and on trend designs, Caroline is a bit more creative and drawn toward bohemian styles. By working together, we are able to come up with both designs and solutions that one of us alone might not have thought of. We fully embrace the motto that two heads are better than one!

4. Is there a particular wedding tradition that you love seeing? As a rule of thumb, if your dad is crying, chances are we are crying, too. We just can't help it!

5. Color pallets that you are loving? Neutrals with a twist. Blush, ivory, and taupe, with a pop of something unexpected like emerald is always fun.

6. Three things that inspire you? It's hard to narrow it down to three! Fashion and nature are daily sources of inspiration for us, and we are always inspired by our brides (and sometimes grooms, too!). 7. What do you do to recharge? We are always trying to plan our next girl's trip! Getting time away together to brainstorm and have some girl time really helps us recharge. If we can't carve out a couple of days to get out of town, then a hard workout followed by a bottle of wine is a great substitute. 8. A tip for somebody wanting to go into the event planning industry? Find a planner who you admire and work for them, even if you have to intern without getting paid, to gain experience. This is a great way to get to know the ins and outs of the industry, build a solid foundation of knowledge, and really figure out if this is your passion.

9. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do? We would do a couples trip to the Maldives! It's rare that we get to have downtime together with our husbands, so a couples trip with beautiful beaches, relaxation, and a little adventure sounds perfect. Shewanders Photography, Shewanders, Wedding Photography, San Diego, San Diego wedding photography, Malibu, weddings, Ooh La Love Events

The $40,900 Question: Denise Jermyn-Continental Catering

We are pretty excited to have landed an interview with Denise Jermyn, the president of Continental Catering. We always have a good time working with Continental Catering, and we think it is about time you meet the lady who is behind it all. Thanks for sharing, Denise. 1. Are there any cocktail trends that you currently love? As a big coffee lover, I have to say that the addition of ‘java juice’ to cocktails is really resonating with me. Talk about taking something good and making it great!

2. What is your ideal picnic basket? My ideal picnic basket would have a really nice cheese course to start, a savory salmon salad to continue, and a chocolate and peanut butter confection to end on a sweet note.

3. What is something that people don’t know about you? Hmmm...most people don’t know that raw carrots make me hiccup.

4. What do you attribute your success to? Over the course of the years, we have developed lasting relationships with our clients. We don’t see our clients as another name on the calendar but rather as individuals that we have enjoyed getting to know. We are genuinely grateful to be a part of their special event, and I think this translates to the service that they receive.

5. A wedding tradition that you love to see? Even after 30 years in the business, the father-daughter dance is still very touching.

6. Best part of a wedding day? I like the moment that the bride and groom are able to see the reception site for the first time. After months of planning, they are finally able to see their vision come to life and that’s very exciting.

7. How do you unwind? I can’t think of a better way to unwind than with a glass of red wine in my hand and a piece of chocolate in my mouth.

8. Dessert you could never give up? The truth is that I love all things sweet so giving up dessert in general would be a challenge, but if I had to pick one it would be dark chocolate.

9. What would you do if you weren’t in the catering business? Oh gosh. I haven’t really given this much thought before. I think I would be a professional chocolate taster. Is there such a job?

10. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do? Anyone that knows me knows that I’m constantly chasing the sun so where ever I went would have to be a sunny location. Cinque Terre in Italy sounds really nice right now. It would be a challenge to spend that much money but I would probably spend it on amazing meals. I might walk into a quaint restaurant and invite some of the locals to dine with me. Actually, it might not be so hard to spend that money after all...Continental Catering, Shewanders Photography, San Diego Wedding Photography, San Diego, Weddings, Wedding photographer, Vendors, Catering

Morgan and Erin : Orcas Island

We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan PoeMorgan and Erin's wedding will remain special to me for the rest of my career.  The magnificent Orcas Island was breathtaking and their wedding matched the beauty of the scenery perfectly.  Thank you Morgan and Erin for bringing me along for this sweet family filled celebration and I wish you both a lifetime of beautiful moments like these.




001.001.morgan.erin.2159 002.002.morgan.erin.5785 003.003.morgan.erin.1015 004.004.morgan.erin.1065 005.005.morgan.erin.1082

Click "read more" to see more of this beautiful Orcas Island Wedding.


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4 things...An artist

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be an artist.  What "keeps the music playing". I've been thinking about what keeps me inspired: my muses, my friends, my family and my experiences.  I've always needed my voice as an artist to be about people. Telling someone's story.  About composing their story in a way that is filled with optimism and with it adding a drop of hope into the world.  As I grew to understand myself better as an artist, I saw hope and optimism return as themes over and over again in my work and in my life.  Even my most subversive younger work had a freedom to it, a hope, an optimistic outlook.  Hope and optimism have inspired me as an artist.  What keeps you going? What adds meaning and inspiration into your days?Remembering : Botticelli.  The first time I saw The Birth of Venus in person at the Uffizi in Florence I wept.  Sweet happy unabashed tears. I love remembering how profound that moment was to me.  I really felt the staying power of art in the world.  How this one pairing has been seen by so many. I felt grace connected to all of the artists and art lovers before me.

Watching : a routine Travis Wall choreographed on sytycd called ". ". This piece was everything. I think it's difficult to craft dances about joy without it coming across as false.  This dance felt like the best happiest moments that move on circles and disappear the second you realize them. This dance was a gift. I love that I could sit on the couch and hold Mikes hand and share something really beautiful with him.  I'm always so grateful that Mike loves theatre and dance too.

Dreaming about : Mike and I are going on a big trip in November. I've been pouring over ideas. We will be in Europe for 1 week and Asia for 1 or 2. So many choices my head is spinning.

Reading : the creative habit by Twyla Tharp. What a fascinating woman. I love how deep she delves into a project.  I'm hoping to create my rituals that free me up for more time for art and love.

Happy weekend ya all.






Haley and Jeff : Santaluz Club

"You will forever be my always"- UnknownHaley and Jeff remind me of a classic and timeless love, a love that is so pure and strong that you just know it will endure forever. There wedding encompassed the timeless and classic love that they share and it was an unforgettable occasion.  Congratulations Haley and Jeff, may you enjoy your forever.




Venue: Santaluz Country Club

Coordination: Before I Do Events

Florals: Organic Elements 

Band/DJ: Still Listening Productions

Photography: Shewanders


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The $40,900 Question: Lisa Lippe-Details Defined

It is always inspiring to see how people use their studies and degrees to make impacts on other people's lives. In Lisa Lippe's case, she took her production background and used it to build Details Defined- a San Diego wedding and event design business. Her careful attention to detail takes your ideas and turns them into reality. Read on to find out more about what is inspiring Lisa and how she got into the wedding and event design business.1. What got you started in wedding and event design?

I worked in Hospitality while studying production for live theater, TV, and journalism. I worked with couples while working at resorts and fell in love with the process. I decided to apply my production skills to live events. I get to apply my story telling journalism background to helping others tell their story through ceremony and celebration and in live events.

2. Favorite part of your job?

Working with people, defining the details and the day it all comes together is like an opening night at the theater in a way.

3. What is something brides should ask about but often don't?

Why certain vendors are referred over others, what makes them good/great, how are they a good fit for them.

4. What has been inspiring you lately?

The clients I work with is where I get my inspiration. Their stories, what they love. The rest comes from time outdoors, and nature, beautiful sunrises. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but Mother Nature has a lot to offer in the area of inspiration!

5. If you could do another job other than yours, what would you choose?


6. Three things you can't live without?

Family, love, and chocolate

7. What summer activity have you been enjoying?

Hiking, driving up the coast, wine tasting, and cooking classes

8. Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mint and chip

9. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

Italy, Greece, and Ireland. Meet the locals, learn about the culture, history, culinary, wine, agriculture, landscape, art, local favorite activities.




The $40,900 Question: Ashley Allison-The Dailey Method

If you are looking for a great workout custom to your body, then look no further. The Dailey Method is an exercise studio owned and managed by Ashley Allison. We are so lucky to have gotten an interview with Ashley and to hear more about The Dailey Method and the wonders it has to offer.1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Witnessing the amazing healing powers of The Dailey Method, both mentally, physically and spiritually with all my different students. Each person has their own reason and need for coming to their very first class and it is beautiful to watch them gain much more than just an exercise routine as they build a practice with us! I have seen/heard of so many different results from rehabilitation from injury, flexibility, strength, weight loss, to simply just gaining some self confidence and self love. I feel so honored to be a part of it.

2. What first got you started with the Dailey Method?

A friend of mine took me to a class when I was living in San Francisco and I was hooked from day one. Later, I used TDM to rehabilitate from a back injury and that was when I truly started to appreciate the scope of what TDM had to offer and felt a need to share it with more people.

3. What makes the Dailey Method so wonderful?

It’s ability to offer so many different things to people - it’s not just an exercise class, it’s a practice and it’s a community. For me, I was first attracted to the perfect combination of stretching and strength training in one class. Once I really began my practice, I started to understand the importance of prioritizing alignment as we do in all of our positioning and how unique it is from other exercise regimes. As I went deeper into my practice, I could really appreciate the mental/spiritual outlet it provides as well, and the education and connection it creates within your own body.

4. What would you say to somebody who is looking into exercise as an alternative to something like invasive surgery that may not be mandatory?

I would give them a big hug and tell them how amazing it is they are willing to give their body a chance! I would tell them to be extremely patient and kind to themselves because it takes a lot longer to heal your own body from the inside out, but it also lasts much much longer with way less side effects ;).

5. What do you do to recharge? You might not believe me, but honestly, I take class. It’s those times when I feel I don’t have any time or energy to take class that I usually need it the most. If I force myself to get in there, I come out as a new person! Not going to lie, naps are awesome too. I think I love them even more because I rarely get to take one!

6. What profession other than yours would you like to try?

Hard question! I’m a curious person and can find interest in a lot of things, so it’d be hard to pinpoint one profession. It would have to involve helping people (or the greater good) in some way, that has been a huge drive for me in everything I do. Funny enough though, if I had to come up with an answer to this question, I think I’d go with owning an elephant rescue, but I guess they are people in their own right and are definitely part of the greater good ;)

7. Something that has been inspiring you lately?

The human connection and empathy. I have found myself really thinking a lot about wanting to teach people (and myself) to be kind to themselves because I think it would lead to more kindness for others. I’ve started to really notice how we can be mean to ourselves in many different ways and varying degrees and it’s interesting to see how it manifests itself in different behaviors that affect those around us. At the risk of sounding pretty cheesy, I am really sensitive to anger and selfishness and I feel this heart wrenching need every time I watch the news to figure out how to do my part in getting people to recognize that we are all connected and sharing this life together, so why not do it joyfully?

8. A food you couldn’t live without?

Warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven and a cold glass of milk - don’t tell anyone I’m a cookiemonster!

9. Something people don’t know about you?

I want a pet elephant. Seriously.

10. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

Interesting number, why the extra $900? This is another tough question! Hmmmm, I LOVE to travel, and that’s a lot of money to travel on, so I might have to cheat on this one and say I’d buy a round-the-world ticket for my husband and I (and may as well throw one in for my dog too since we have all this money to burn because she would be an awesome travel campanion!) Why not use that extra $900 for a first-class ticket and live it up while we can?! I would make sure that we went to places we have never been before and target the ones that are harder to get to when we don’t have an imaginary fortune :). I like a balance of active exploration and total relaxation when I travel, so I’d probably skimp on hotels/etc in some parts, spending more money on doing things, and then splurge on nice hotels and spa treatments in other parts. I like to see all the sites, but I really love getting off the beaten track. I’m a sucker for natural wonders and beauty, I tend to really lose my breath when I am standing in front of a massive waterfall or at the top of a mountain watching the sunset or just sitting and watching people of different cultures laugh together, especially children. I always love to hear young children speak different languages, there is something so adorable about it!


photography, wedding photography, Shewanders Photography, Shewanders, Portraits, The Dailey Method, San Diego

Meg, Ty and Harper : A sweet family portrait

"Family: Where life begins and love never ends."  -UnknownIt is always special when I have the opportunity to photograph past bride and grooms children.  Meg and Ty have become dear friends since their wedding years ago at Estancia and watching their family grow is wonderful.  I especially love following Ty on Instagram where he tags pictures of Harper with #harperhasmyheart , the Easley family certainly has mine.



shewanders shewanders photography family baby girl black and white shewanders shewanders photography family baby girl black and white shewanders shewanders photography family baby girl black and white shewanders shewanders photography family baby girl black and white shewanders shewanders photography family baby girl black and white shewanders shewanders photography family baby girl black and white


4 Things...Intern Addition

Suzanne is off wandering the world and doing what she does best-shooting weddings. She is currently in Iceland, so us interns at Shewanders picked Suzanne's brain for a couple of things to write about. Lately, these have been on Suzanne's mind (with our own input here and there)... 

Dreaming of: The Grant Bridal event and hanging out with my pals. Suzanne attended a gorgeous get together at The US Grant Hotel. The theme was A Mid-summer Night's Dream, and it was like a fairy tale. How fun it must be to gather around with friends and vendors for an evening to enjoy each other's company and brainstorm.

Missing: Catalina Island. Suzanne spent a night in Catalina with Mike and his mother. Their trip looked so wonderful. It is nice when family can get together for a little getaway.

Watching: The Other Woman. Hanna suggested that Suzanne and the rest of us check it out. Definitely putting that one on the must watch list.

Thinking of: The ALS ice bucket challenge. It seemed a little bit silly at first, but after learning that people are actually donating money as well as pouring ice water on themselves for extra effect, it seems like a pretty cool way of getting more people involved with donating and being more aware.


The Shewanders Team















The $40,900 Question : Jen-Cake

Jen and Kimberly are the owners of Cake, a bakery located in Mission Hills, San Diego. Their talent and fun personalities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this bakery. They take a vision and skillfully sculpt it into a reality. Read on to find out a little more about Jen.1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Creating custom designs for clients that are so into it. I like the personal collaboration aspect of it all.

2. What got you started in the baking business?

I was a chef in San Francisco for 10 years and decided to bake bread for awhile. The bakery Also made wedding cakes.  I ended up falling in love with them... They are one big giant pastry.  3. Most surprising client request?

We were asked to make a 7 tiered wedding cake with over 1,500 flowers and jewels-it was over the top. 4.  A piece of advice for somebody going into the baking business?

Really know your craft. Work in a bakery first to hone in on your skills and go from there. 5. Color pallets that you are loving lately?

Metallic and blacks are popping up everywhere this summer. I'm into it. 6. What makes CAKE so wonderful?

We are authentic. We have a happy animals menu along with a vegan and organic menu. We are also able to make designs in white chocolate.  What that means is no fondant.  We design the whole cake with delicious ingredients.  It makes a really big difference. Your mouth will thank you. 7. What do you do to recharge?

Have a glass of Jameson and a nice dinner. 8. Three things you can’t live without?

Analise, Abram, and Dave.  My two children and my husband. 9. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do? I would go on a rad trip and send anonymous envelopes of money to people.  I would pay for people's tickets into Disneyland, like "I got your ticket today, I got your ticket today, I got your ticket today." If I had that much money, I would impact as many lives as I could. It would be so amazing.