Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends.  Thanks so much for supporting our blog.  We appreciate you being here.  I really take my firsts in the New Year seriously.  It's time for growth and change.  Time to find direction.  So at the start I want to start to design a path and share more of it with all of you.My friend Lara Casey has these amazing goal setting ideas.  She is such an inspiration, I love her vulnerability and her kind heart.  She has the ability to bring people together.  I love using her Power Sheets to create a clear vision of what I want most in my life.  Here is a little glimpse into my heart and what worked and what didn't for us last year.  I hope you find more of what you want in your lives.

xoxo Suzanne


What worked:

-prepping for tomorrow

-morning pages

-art dates


-personal work like my underwater series

-shooting film

-long vacations

-getting published

-rad clients

-destination weddings

-seeing family and meeting my nephew Gaidin

-date night

-green smoothies

-book club

-my friend's Dani, Hanna, Lauren, Alyssa, and Taylor always inspiring me


What didn't work:

-moving during wedding season

-eating out too much even though it's so good

-facebooking when I want to be present

-chinese medicine

-videographers getting too close to bride and groom during ceremonies

-hair and make up running way late

-spending money on things instead of experiences

-dust on our lenses

the ocean