Jeff and Haley : A Splendid Mammoth Engagement

"I want your love to consume me like an oversized winter coat. Hands clasped around my waist like buttons done up properly." - Unknown

Trekking through the snowy mountain bases and starring out over the beautiful lakes with this couple made for a wonderful Mammoth adventure.  I am not ready for winter to end but thanks to Jeff and Haley I can hang on to it a bit longer.




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To see more of Jeff and Haley's engagement click shewanders.JeffHaley-1343shewanders.JeffHaley-1329 shewanders.JeffHaley-1940shewanders.JeffHaley-1728shewanders.JeffHaley-1749 shewanders.JeffHaley-1758shewanders.JeffHaley-1949 shewanders.JeffHaley-1961 shewanders.JeffHaley-2059 shewanders.JeffHaley-2078 shewanders.JeffHaley-2145shewanders.JeffHaley-2157shewanders.JeffHaley-2106



one pic : Claire and Nic

It was a double wedding weekend over here at Shewanders Photography.  I'm headed off to photograph a wonderful family but couldn't leave without sharing at least one pic of these two.  Claire and Nic are two of the most gracious and loving people.  They were showered with love from their friends and family all day.  Thanks Susanne from Crown Weddings for absolutely everything.Claire and Nic I hope your life is filled with days as beautiful as this one.

xoxo Suzanne

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