Morgan and Erin : Orcas Island

We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan PoeMorgan and Erin's wedding will remain special to me for the rest of my career.  The magnificent Orcas Island was breathtaking and their wedding matched the beauty of the scenery perfectly.  Thank you Morgan and Erin for bringing me along for this sweet family filled celebration and I wish you both a lifetime of beautiful moments like these.




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4 Things...Island

We hope you're all having a great summer so far. This week I took a trip to Washington to shoot a wedding. The picture below is from the ferry ride to Orcas Island. Here are a few things I've been enjoying lately...Watching: So You Think You Can Dance is back. Performance art is one of my favorite pleasures in life. I especially love seeing live performances. I am always in awe that someone would stand on a stage and pour their heart out. For some reason even though it's reality TV, the show always captures my imagination. It's one of those shows that Mike and I can agree on. Is it crazy that it makes me feel proud that my husband loves the arts?

Loving: Yesterday I shot a beautiful wedding on Orcas Island. I read an article in sunset magazine over 8 years ago about the island and I've been dreaming of it ever since. Here is a recent Sunset Magazine article about the island. Cheers to Morgan and Erin for sharing their wedding day with me.

Thinking: about Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet hyper saturated palate. It has been floating in and out of my mind lately. I think it's all of the fun I've been having with my underwater shoots.

Dreaming: of Portland. Lauren and I are heading there tomorrow. Is portland as good as they say? Time to find out.