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Congratulations to Gillian and John.  They are being featured in this months Knot magazine.  Their wedding was such an amazing day.  Full of fun and joy.The design team absolutely out did themselves and I was thrilled to capture it. all.  In case you missed it you can catch their wedding post here.


xoxo Suzanne

Venue: San Diego Botanic Gardens

Coordinator: Luxe Events

Flower Arrangements: Isari

Catering: Tender Greens

Rentals: Archive

Photography: SheWanders

Music: Ragged Jubilee

DJ Rentals: SGM Events

Lighting: Bright Ideas

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Karis and Blake : Hotel Del Coronado

"We we're together. I forget the rest." -Walt WhitmanKaris and Blake's extravagant Hotel Del wedding celebration was absolutely intoxicating. We fell in love with this couple and every single one of their guests. Thank you both for including us in your invigorating beach reception. We wish you two all of the best.




Venue: Hotel Del Coronado

Coordinator: JScot Reid

Designer/Coordinator: Luxe Events

Photography: SheWanders

Décor/Rental: Hire elegance

Florals: Blush botanicals

Rentals: Archive rental To see more of Karis and Blake's wedding click




Midnight Glam

We had the opportunity to partner with Luxe Events and shoot a rad editorial at the New Children's Museum a few months ago. You can also check it out on Luxe Event's Blog and Grey Likes Weddings Blog. Have a glamorous weekend.xoxo,



Coordination: Luxe Events

Venue: New Children's Museum

Photography: SheWanders

Flowers: Root 75

Catering: Continental Catering

Make up: Elena T Beauty

Paper: Brightly Designed

Table Rental: Hostess Haven

Linen: La Tavola

Furniture Rental: Hire-Elegance


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You're my favorite work of art

Frank Sinatra-My Funny ValentineMy funny valentine Sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Unphotographable Yet you're my favourite work of art

Is your figure less than greek Is your mouth a little weak When you open it to speak Are you smart?

But don't change a hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little valentine stay Each day is valentines day

Is your figure less than greek Is your mouth a little weak When you open it to speak Are you smart?

But don't you change one hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little valentine stay Each day is valentines day


Here is something sweet for you. As seen on the Bride Suite.




Luxe Events

Annette Gomez

Concepts Event Design


Brightly Designed































An Interview With Cara & Jenny of Luxe Events

In our most recent newsletter we're talking about advice and who we turn to for the best guidance. We decided to interview Cara & Jenny for the inside scoop on two best friends running a successful business together in the industry!Thanks again for sharing all of your wisdom, Cara & Jenny. We LOVE Luxe Events!


What is your number one piece of advice for your brides-to-be?

C: Let everything go the day of your wedding and enjoy. The most important thing is celebrating the commitment you are making to one another! We coordinators will handle the rest.

J: Funny despite my complete infatuation with wedding decor my best advice is "its about the vows". Truth is I will make it pretty and we will make it run smoothly but your love is at the heart of it at all. Sleep well, be at peace, the details have a way of working themselves out. Do not lose site of what the wedding is all about.

Who gives you the best advice?

C: My mom. As a former teacher, she has seen it all!

J: In life or professional wedding planning? I suppose my sister is the answer to both. My touchstone. Am I being crazy? Is my idea brilliant? How do I bring down Oliver's fever? Should I go on a limb? What color is in for a manicure this week? She will always tell me the truth and yet always has my favorite answer.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

C: You only get one reputation in life, so take special care of it.

J:Whatever you are, be a good one

What is one thing brides ask about the most often?

C: That's a hard one, since it is our job to answer all the questions;)

J: How do I stay on budget? hint: 1) reduce your guest list 2) listen to wedding planner's advice

What is one thing that brides don't ask about but should?

C: First look/reveal. I love the tradition of seeing your bride/groom at the ceremony, but with the scope of most weddings now days I think couples will be happy to have the extra time for photos

J: I love recommending my favorite vendors to match their personality and budget.

Design style you're currently loving?

C: Sparkle. From gold leafed table numbers to full on sequin linens, its fun and fresh and puts me in a cheery mood!

J:I just did a design for colorful Bohemian Glamour I am really loving. I like any design I see in a Jose Villa photograph. :)

Favorite "I want to go there" destination?

C:The Greek Islands

J: If I ever ran away from my world to be alone, I'd go to London. Favorite city.

Most surprising quirk about your best friend?

C:One of my best friends has a very girly job in design (guess who), yet she has a very man-like palette and eats only red meat and loves whiskey.

J: Its more of a blessing than a quirk, but she is the most generous person I have ever known- of herself, her time, and her love. Oh the quirk- she does not get hangovers. Ever.

Best design advice in 5 words?

C: Beware of too much DIY

J: Dream, Edit, Decide, Release, Celebrate

Best perk of your job?

C: The thank you hugs from the bride and groom at the end of the night. Oh, and having fresh flowers to take home after.

J: Being an intragal part of someone's love story, its an honor.

Wishlist item you want so bad it hurts?

C: A house so I have more rooms to decorate! I am out of space and every time I leave West Elm or Home Goods empty handed I feel very sad.

J: Got my eyes on a pair of Christian Louboutins

Food you could eat everyday and never get sick of?

C: Tacos, tacos and more tacos!

J: Mexican food

Color combination you're crazy for?

C: The timelessness of black and white always draws my attention

J: Depends on the week! Right now: blush, gold & mint

Three things you can't live without?

C: Mascara, cute flats, and my watch(s)

J: My family, mascara, red wine

Describe Cara in one word

J: Sunshine

Describe Jenny in one word

C: Vibrant

Current obsession?

C: Our puppy, Nala. I am nuts about her:)

J: Making my twin babies Oliver & Isabelle smile