Inside Out // Communicating Through Photography

Dear Wanderers, 

Words often fail me.  I always have so much to say, but feel a struggle to paint an accurate picture.  The nuances are so important to me. 

With a camera in my hands, I can create a really specific point of view.  It's never bothered me that people may interpret my images differently than I do, because most often, I expressed exactly what I meant. Something I could never say with words. 

There are moments where light flutters around someone and I feel that I've captured something of the beauty that's inside them and it's such a moment of peace for me.  I hold my breath and shut out most sound. I feel like I'm simultaneously flying and so calm.  It's a bubbling up of energy that breaks my heart open; I shoot and then exhale knowing I gave something back.  I captured some wonder.  

I live for those little moments when I'm saying exactly what I mean.  People can look at the image and interpret it with whatever filter they bring. However, I have peace in knowing I said exactly what I wanted to, to the best of my ability. 

The muses and I communicated.  And the photograph is left over as a souvenir.  A little bit of proof that life is wonderful.

There is great happiness in saying just what you meant and putting it out there.