David and Maggie: A Sunny Palisades Beach Engagement: Malibu

"I'm not sane. I'm madly in love with you." - Edward Newgate (Stonehearst Asylum)I can feel the love David and Maggie have for each other through these photos alone. It has truly warmed my heart to see two people so deeply in love.


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To see more of David and Maggie's wedding click .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.007 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.008 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.009 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.010 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.011 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.012 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.013 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.014 .shewanders.photography.engagement.malibu.015

4 Things...Provocateurs

Happy Sunday everyone. I'm thrilled to finally take the time to sit down, take a breather, and write about what I've been up to this week. Mike's mom Mary and I have been exploring sunny San Diego this past week. We've found so many rad things to do. I even made a clay unicorn cat, which I am very proud of  by the way. He gets to be mounted on my wall for all to see. I also finally had waterslide day at Aquatica. The whole SheWanders intern crew spent the day being daring and trying out every slide. Even Mary joined us in the lazy river. I think it's safe to say that waterslide day was a success. Lastly, I leave for my trip to Iceland next week. Words cannot express how excited I am to be in Europe once again and continue my adventuring. The picture below is from a session with two adorable sisters. Here are 4 things I've been enjoying this past week...Learning: This week I watched videos on the Warsaw Uprising. Nazi Germany controlled Warsaw, Poland during WWII. Warsaw  fought to gain their freedom in a 63 day battle. Many sources claim this to be the biggest  adn most significant uprising in the rebellion against German rule during the war. Sadly, Germany prevailed. These black and white films are a still frame in time of a significant historical landmark. There is a powerful message to be seen in the documentary film reels. The desire for freedom and peace ring loud and clear. It's hard for me at times to grasp these difficult moments in history, but the message is amazing all the same. Fight for what you believe. You can check out the videos here.

Watching: I recently watched the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. This movie is all about graffiti artists and the ephemeral idea of street art. The filmographer wanted to simply take videos of street artists. One street artist pushed him to make documentary from the videos to show the daily life of these artists. Graffiti artists must remain anonymous, therefore, their work is never truly appreciated. No matter how amazing their art may be.

Listening: I've been listening to Bjork to "get in the mood" for my Iceland trip. She's an insanely talented Icelandic singer and her videos are crazy artistic. Here is a link to her video for her song Mutual Core.

Dreaming: Right now I am dreaming of Iceland. I'm extremely curious to see puffins, Icelandic ponies ,and thermal baths. This trip is going to be rad.





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Laurie and Simon : An Endearing Maternity Coronado

"Having the person that you love by your side and starting a family with them is the best thing that can happen to you in this life." -Elsa Pataky

What's better than maternity photos?  Such hope and joy come before a magical new life is brought into the world. I'm so so happy for these two.



shewanders engagement photography coronado, maternity photographs, shewanders shewanders engagement photography coronado, maternity photographs, shewanders 1163.Shewanders.Laurie.Simon-1397 1164.Shewanders.Laurie.Simon-1216 To see more of this photoshoot click here shewanders engagement photography coronado, maternity photographs, shewanders 1166.Shewanders.Laurie.Simon-1308secret, shewanders engagement photography coronado, maternity photographs, shewanders 1168.Shewanders.Laurie.Simon-1297

Karis and Blake : Hotel Del Coronado

"We we're together. I forget the rest." -Walt WhitmanKaris and Blake's extravagant Hotel Del wedding celebration was absolutely intoxicating. We fell in love with this couple and every single one of their guests. Thank you both for including us in your invigorating beach reception. We wish you two all of the best.




Venue: Hotel Del Coronado

Coordinator: JScot Reid

Designer/Coordinator: Luxe Events

Photography: SheWanders

Décor/Rental: Hire elegance

Florals: Blush botanicals

Rentals: Archive rental


shewanders.photography.001 shewanders.photography.002 shewanders.photography.003 shewanders.photography.004 shewanders.photography.005 To see more of Karis and Blake's wedding click shewanders.photography.006 shewanders.photography.007 shewanders.photography.008 shewanders.photography.009 shewanders.photography.010 shewanders.photography.011 shewanders.photography.012 shewanders.photography.013 shewanders.photography.014 shewanders.photography.015 shewanders.photography.016 shewanders.photography.017 shewanders.photography.018 shewanders.photography.019 shewanders.photography.020 shewanders.photography.021 shewanders.photography.022 shewanders.photography.023 shewanders.photography.024 shewanders.photography.025 shewanders.photography.026 shewanders.photography.027 shewanders.photography.028 shewanders.photography.029 shewanders.photography.030 shewanders.photography.031 shewanders.photography.032 shewanders.photography.033 shewanders.photography.034 shewanders.photography.035 shewanders.photography.036 shewanders.photography.037 shewanders.photography.038 shewanders.photography.039 shewanders.photography.040 shewanders.photography.041 shewanders.photography.042 shewanders.photography.043 shewanders.photography.044 shewanders.photography.045 shewanders.photography.046 shewanders.photography.047 shewanders.photography.048 shewanders.photography.049 shewanders.photography.050 shewanders.photography.051 shewanders.photography.052 shewanders.photography.053 shewanders.photography.054 shewanders.photography.055 shewanders.photography.056 shewanders.photography.057 shewanders.photography.058 shewanders.photography.059 shewanders.photography.060 shewanders.photography.061 shewanders.photography.062 shewanders.photography.063 shewanders.photography.064 shewanders.photography.065 shewanders.photography.066 shewanders.photography.067 shewanders.photography.068 shewanders.photography.069 shewanders.photography.070 shewanders.photography.071 shewanders.photography.072 shewanders.photography.073 shewanders.photography.074 shewanders.photography.075 shewanders.photography.076 shewanders.photography.077 shewanders.photography.078 shewanders.photography.079 shewanders.photography.080 shewanders.photography.081 shewanders.photography.082 shewanders.photography.083 shewanders.photography.084 shewanders.photography.085 shewanders.photography.086 shewanders.photography.087 shewanders.photography.088 shewanders.photography.089 shewanders.photography.090 shewanders.photography.091 shewanders.photography.092 shewanders.photography.093 shewanders.photography.094 shewanders.photography.095 shewanders.photography.096 shewanders.photography.097 shewanders.photography.098 shewanders.photography.099 shewanders.photography.100 shewanders.photography.101 shewanders.photography.102 shewanders.photography.103 shewanders.photography.104 shewanders.photography.105 shewanders.photography.106 shewanders.photography.107 shewanders.photography.108 shewanders.photography.109 shewanders.photography.110 shewanders.photography.111 shewanders.photography.112 shewanders.photography.113 shewanders.photography.114 shewanders.photography.115 shewanders.photography.116 shewanders.photography.117 shewanders.photography.118




Film. Nichol

Lately, I've fallen in love with The Artist's Way. As cliche as it sounds that book has changed me. I'm closer to my art and feel boundless when I think about it. The Artist Way has two basic concepts. One is to journal the other is to go on art dates. I recently had an art date with Nichol. We played at the beach. I photographed her and she photographed the world around us. The first two images are mine and the rest are Nichols. All shot on Ilford Fp4 on a Pentax K1000 and developed at Richards Photo Lab.Thanks for collaborating with me Nichol! I can't wait for what's to come.




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One Pic : Bayley Craig

"I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything" F. Scott FitzgeraldI fell in love with Bayley and Craig over champagne and cocktails.  I got to hear their love story over bacon wrapped corn dogs many months ago.  I felt humbled to sit with them and hear their story and I've been dying to share their wedding story ever since that day.  It was so special to put faces to names.  Bayley and Craig's friends and family are so kind and warm and they adore these two.  I know all of my creative partners were just as excited as I for this weekend to finally be here. Cheers to Bayley and Craig!

Much love,

xoxo Suzanne


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