4 Things // Oh Hi

Suzanne : A fun wedding weekend in Ojai with Aubree and Travis at the Ojai Valley Inn.  Their band Impulse was incredible and a good fit for this lively couple.

Mike :  An elegant reception for Diana and Jim to celebrate their recent wedding in Italy with their friends and family.

Brushing our teeth : We had Gaidin a few days this week. There was a lot of guitar playing, going to the park and Gaidin's favorite; brushing his teeth.  Kids are funny.

Watching : Mike and I are still binge-watching The Walking Dead.  How were we so slow on this one?

Working : This week we rented a new stylish work space in Mission Hills.  It's been so fun to be in a different, inspiring environment.

Listening to : Tim Ferriss' podcast.  Week after week Tim is the coolest.  I loved the 4 hour work week and his blog is clever and entertainingas well.

Mike, Suzanne and the Wanderers