4 Things // Tropical Weddings

Hi Friends,

It's been a happy week of weddings and more on the horizon. Thanks for sharing your special adventures with us. 

Watching : Newsies Broadway & Camp David at the Old Globe.

Photographing : Kristen and Nik's tropical wedding at the Bali Hai. Yay.

Dreaming of : This coming weekend I am headed to Cabo for my friend Erica's wedding. #firsttimetocabo #ericaanddrewarerad

Organizing : We are going to start a video blogging series.  We've been doing some tests and you'll see Mike's mug soon.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

5 Somethings // Mostly Fun + Taxes

Something Lovely :: Mike and I went to see The Metromaniacs at the Old Globe.  It was chaotic and hilarious with a twist all the way through.

Something Dreamy :: I know it's February but I'm starting to come up with my 'musts' for the summer.  Sailing, wild flowers, maybe even hang gliding, we will see.

Something Captured :: The Peyton family was so fun! Persephone is 9 months old and I love the joy and softness she is bringing to her parents.  I've known them forever and it's so cool to see their hearts burst open.

Something New :: Everything feels brand new.  I'm trying out new lighting techniques and different color combos when I shoot.  It's a season of growth and creativity. I love this time of year.

Something Challenging :: I've been trying to make our accounting spreadsheets more beautiful in Indesign.  It's that time of year again.  Corporate taxes are due. I've been living in an accounting world.  Although I love running a business accounting does not inspire me.  So I've been trying to add some photos and beauty to our spreadsheets in hopes of creating something that inspires me more.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers 


Free to play, free to swim, free to be creative. I am feeling so grateful for my freedom to explore new opportunities in this industry that allow me to live this wonderfully creative lifestyle.Watching: The Comedy of Errors at the Old Globe Theater

Photographing: It's a double wedding weekend at the New Children's Museum and Hotel Del. I also did a fun infrared shoot with my friends at the San Diego Botanic Gardens and a rad commercial job for CAKE.

Reading: The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. One of my favorite things to read is a sweet children's book to my nephew. He can only say 6 words, and pout pout is one of them

Dreaming of: An art date doing some fine art printing with my friend Maryanne Mcguire

xoxo Suzanne