Creativity Tell All // Kico at BoxMade Goods

It was so great running into Kico and Jen at Station in South Park. I follow them on Facebook but it's always good to see old friends face-to-face. Their wedding was almost 10 years ago and it still felt like yesterday. We had so much fun. I knew Kico would be up to something exciting and I was stoked to hear about his new project. Here are some clips of inspiration from Kico of Boxmade Goods, a custom artwork and apparel imprinting company based in San Diego.

How do you continually stay inspired and creative?
Mostly from internet archaeology and curating. There's plenty of easily accessible inspiration out there, too much actually. It helps to be selective. I look at Dribbble, Behance and TheDieLine a lot.

Is there anything special or unique about your morning routine?
I wouldn't say it's unique, but my mornings are special because I get to spend time with my daughter; getting her ready for school and dropping her off. Between getting her ready and entertaining our dog, it's a long morning before I get to do anything for myself, but I'm fortunate to be able to have that time with both of them.

If someone wanted to break into your industry, what advice would you give them?
Find a niche. There's a million screen printers and apparel decorators out there. Specialize in an industry you love and believe in.

Did you always know this career path was ‘the one’?
Nope. I knew I didn't want to be desk bound and I've always enjoyed making things and being creative in general. I also knew I wanted to run my own business someday. Screen printing happened sort of by accident, but was a great fit both on the business and creative fronts.

What season inspires you most?
Fall. I love the anticipation and build-up to the holidays. I also love fall clothing; jackets, blazers, scarves and boots.

What is the best advice you have been given?
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi. I heard someone repeat this Ghandi quote in a great video podcast I watch regularly called Barbell Shrugged.  It's a simple inspirational quote, but really resonates with me. Be the change. It's become a bit of a mantra.

What is your dream project?
To design and print a logo that transcends it's initial purpose.

If there was a song that played every time you worked on your craft, what would it be?
So many come to mind! "I Ain't No Joke" or "Paid in Full" by Eric B. & Rakim. Also "Home" or "Route 66" by Depeche Mode if I had to narrow it down.

Is there anything in particular you are obsessed with these days? 
Mostly learning more about the art, business and craft of screen printing.  I'm also constantly reading stories about people who completely changed their lives after discovering CrossFit. So many of them not only lose weight and get more fit, but change careers or life paths. I also watch a lot of Barbell Shrugged videos and pretty much everything Aaron Draplin does.

What would you do if you had $40,900 for a vacation?
Take my wife and daughter to New York City and Paris. We would stay in nice hotels and spend the rest on phenomenal food in both cities.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

4 Things // The Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland yay! Our trip is finally here.  We made it! The midnight sun is beautiful.  It never really sets.  It's hard to ever go to sleep when everything is so beautiful.

Adventuring : Frolicking around with Mike in a Kukucamper and having total freedom to go where we want.  Our cute camper has a bed and a stove. 

Eating : Mike cooks us eggs and bacon with Cafe Moto coffee on the edges of cliffs with the most extraordinary views.

Photographing : The living watercolor that gives Iceland a new landscape around every bend.

Dreaming of : Right here, right now.

Inside Out :: Healing

Dear Wanderers,

I remember a girl named Kristen at art school. She was creating an album for a class assignment that documented her injuries. She had 4x6 prints and even a few polaroid images. The image spanned several images. Cuts. Bruises. The usual injuries in life. The album I turned in was a collection of images I shot in Cuba a few months before. My class spent seven days in Havana exploring the arts and meeting so many interesting people. 

This year has been a tough one. My brother has labeled it "The year of hospitals". My friend Brian, who has lost greatly this year, has labeled it "The best summer ever". Really, what choice do we have?

My heart is frayed. Mike and I are torn around the edges. This summer, my dad will start chemo, so we will rally. This is a fight he will win. There has been so much heartbreaking loss and terrible diagnoses that we have fought and ran from. Right now, we are going to fight a very contained lung cancer and win. I know to be hopeful, but shadows of loved ones lost knock me over now and again.

I keep getting a bruise on my right arm. It’s on my inner bicep. It looks like someone tried to grab me. I’m pretty sure its from the metal on my camera strap. Every time I see it, I have that feeling of falling down, of having too much on my plate.

I’m the type of person who counts my blessings. This season of amazing events running alongside heartbreaking events is a confusing one. I’m looking to heal and express these feelings that are leaving me so raw. I don’t want to make a list of the tragedies. It’s not my way. I also don’t want to be too quiet or I may find myself breaking down and falling apart by the smallest of bruises. 

So if anyone is interested in having the best summer ever, I’m your girl. I’m here to celebrate the small, beautiful moments and count them as victories. I want to honor these painful moments with living thoughtfully and enthusiastically.

To everything - turn, turn, turn

Love always,

4 Things // Creative Muse

Happy Sunday wanderers. I'm listening to this interview with Austin Kleon on Creative Live.  He mentions Elizabeth Gilbert and her idea of genius being more of the Greek concept of the muse.  I love this idea of thoughts visiting you if you give them space in your daily practice.  He also mentions an interview she did with Tom Waits.  Tom would often get great ideas while he was driving. He would look up kind of frustrated and say, "Hey can't you see I'm driving".  I'm looking forward to finding this interview.

Listening : Creative Live

Reading : Just wrapped up Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert recently - so good.

Adventuring : Mike and I drove from San Francisco to San Diego along the coast earlier this week.  We took the time to create some beautiful images and try out new techniques along the way.

Dreaming of : Looking to get some good news for my dad at the doctors this week. 

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

4 Things // Loss & Life

This week, I lost a friend. It's so hard to comprehend the loss of such a beautiful life. Despite the sadness, there were many moments of happy joy including Mike and I celebrating our anniversary together. It was a week of celebrating life. 

Playing: Constellations at the Old Globe. It was interesting although if I never saw another play that has cancer as their central theme, that would be great. We then went to AIDS night out at Barrio Star

Watching: Game of Thrones premiere YAY!

Travel: Mike got home from Indiana! It was our anniversary and so nice to celebrate together.

Photographing: Amazing wedding for Sarah and Anson with Coastyle Events and Annette Gomez at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. It was a great team and a beautiful couple. Heart dropping inspiration really helped me get through this week. 


4 Things // Land of Enchantment

This week I am adventuring around New Mexico with Vanessa Luna of Rolling Stone Photography and Mike is back in Indiana helping my mom pack up her old house. What a much needed break of friendship and letting loose. 

Exploring :: New Mexico is the land of enchantment - the homes, the people, the landscape. 

Movement :: Road tripping and dancing on the side of the road near Sky City to Vampire Weekend.

Photographing :: Our escapades on the wide open road with endless sky and sunshine.

Fangirling :: Lila Rose at a few local spots in Albuquerque.


Adventuring // Winter in Scandinavia

Hey Wanderers,

Sometimes you just have to hop on a plane.  Despite whether it might be the "wrong" month or out of peak season.  After the wildness of wedding and production season, I occasionally crave a little bit of hibernation.  Or maybe a small window into winter.  My friend Maryanne (Maryanne Mcguire Photography) and I hopped on a plane and brought a ton of warm clothes so that we could explore Copenhagen and Stockholm in the cold, dark winter. It was so surreal.  We did nothing but walk around the cities, snapping away and sharing smiles about how exciting it was to get out of dodge and see something new.  It seemed to be nighttime more often than not, and the whole trip made me fall in love with cozy clothes.  This girl was born to wear sandals and sun dresses, but on this trip, I discovered a deep love for fleece.  Yup fleece.  Also, coffee took a hold of me in a deep and profound way.  Winter and coffee just go together.  It was my vitamin D replacement. 

We took a ski trip to the mountains up north, went on The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo city tour, and had drinks at an ice bar that was epically cool.  

We recovered from the busy end to 2015, and returned feeling rejuvenated and inspired with a crush on winter and all things Scandinavian.

I so hope you get on a plane soon.



4 Things // Ice Sculptures & Karaoke

What a week of fun and creative photography. I love the people I am surrounded by and how much they inspire me. 

Fun :: Exquisite Weddings launch. It was so fun to see our friends and meet new ones.  Our image made the cover!  Eek how exciting. 

Photographed :: Mike and I photographed a fun shoot with Hanna (First and Orange) and Sage (Sage Justice Photo). We wanted to do some location scouting at the Make building in Carlsbad and challenge ourselves to get creative and learn new techniques. I also had the chance to photograph an at-home family session for Abbey, Steve and their new love Louie. Mike and I photographed a dream inspiration shoot at La Valencia with Before I Do events. Oh how fun it is to play with your friends. My WICP group photographed ice forms this week.  It was interesting to photograph the abstract ice forms and watch them melt and unfold.  I shot them with a macro lens and it felt good to get really close.

Singing :: There may have been some incredibly fun karaoke singing at Lamplighter this week. Mike and I let loose and had a blast #FamilyTradition

Dreaming of :: An upcoming trip to New Mexico.  It's my first time there. I can't wait!



4 Things // Happy Days & Desert Escapes

Hey Wanderers,
Happy days in the Ofeldt household. We were so happy that my brother proposed to his girlfriend this week. So much to look forward to in every part of life.

Photographing :: My brother's surprise proposal to his girlfriend.  Mike and I snuck behind them as they walked down the pier and we captured some of the joy.  My family is swimming in happiness right now. 

Dreaming of :: There's so much on the horizon in April.  I'm really trying to make space for everything.  So much to come.

Reading :: We are reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes for book club this month.  It was a little unexpected for me.  The story takes some big turns.  I loved the little daring and unexpected moments of joy and laughter.  This book left my mind spinning about the idea of unexpectedness and what my comfort level is.

Traveling :: This week, my mom, Gaidin, Jen Boyd and I decided that we needed a few days in the dessert, so we headed to Joshua Tree.  The artists and transplants that live in the desert always fascinate me as much as the national parks do.  We were so lucky to have caught the desert in bloom.  Everything was alive and beautiful.


Joshua Tree, CA

Adventuring // Death Valley

Hi Wanderers,

We are excited to liven up your Monday with a special adventure blog post. Every so often wanderlust strikes. I heard about the flowers blooming in Death Valley and jumped in the car. My mom and Miss Molly were my partners in crime for this trip. I love that about my family; if someone says "let's go" the other person is up and packed in less than hour. Happy wanderlusting. 


Inside Out :: Photography, A Lifestyle

Dear Wanderers,

When I first picked up a camera, the biggest emotions I felt were relief and gratitude.  Profound gratitude for finally having a way to communicate. This art form would be my voice. I would never lack just the right word and would always be able to wear my heart on my sleeve. I was a struggling artist who finally found her medium at age 17.

The most surprising part of all? This gift could become a career that I was proud of. A career where I could meet couples, their friends, their family and be blessed to witness a most incredible day in their life. Who knew that I would meet so many wonderful collaborators and create a legacy of work with them? And that I would also experience the emotional ups and downs of running a business and becoming a part of this emerging community. Traveling, creating my own schedule, throwing everything I have at Shewanders and passion projects; what a life art has given me.

Now this little spark is growing. It documents my daily life and my family (even sometimes from my silly iphone). I can’t stop sharing images on Facebook, at meetings, to the waitress, etc. Photography is my heart - I am so proud and so in love.

This messy, imperfect life is all mine and I’m floored by how much photography has given me. I’m going to keep capturing every moment, even if things are crazy and my family is annoyed to have their picture taken for the thousandth time. If I don’t have the right outfit or my hair is a mess, it doesn’t matter, because it is while taking pictures that I am most shamelessly, me. Watch out family, here I come. 

Hugs and love,

Jen and John | Three Days of Love

What an epic adventure celebrating Jen and John's three-day celebration in Newport, RI. It was a destination wedding for everyone involved, kicking-off with a good ol' fashioned clam bake rehearsal dinner, followed by the wedding day and then brunch on the seas in a beautiful sailboat. They are so loved by their family and friends and it's easy to see why. I love these two and wish I could go back in time to re-live every moment!


5 Somethings // Adventures & Secret Dinners

Something Lovely :: My mom and I spent the day at the park with Gaidin.  We went to Cardiff and met up with my dear friends Paul and Diana and their sweet son.  They spend much of their year traveling around the U.S. and Mexico, living out of their van and having amazing adventures.  I've known Paul since I was a kid and it's amazing to see him so happy and free.  I'd love to take a long epic road trip some day with Mike. 

Something Dreamy :: Iceland in June! I just found out that Jenna is going on a writing retreat in Iceland in April. How exciting! I'm so happy to be sharing a similar experience with her.

Something Captured :: Today, Mike and I are shooting a behind-the-scenes shoot for a friend of ours that organizes secret dinners.  Whiskey foxtrot tango, how cool is that?

Something New :: This week I'm starting the Shewanders rebranding process with Courtney of Brightly Designed.  I'm excited to share our new vision over the next few months and collaborate with such an incredible artist.

Something Challenging :: Allergies...I really thought I had gotten rid of them. San Diego, you beautiful sunny mess, what is going on?

Suzanne and the Wanderers