Creativity Tell All : Samantha Saad

We have loved working with Samantha Saad, event manager at Destination Concepts, over the years and are so happy to share some unique sound bites about her career journey in the event coordination world. 

How do you continually stay inspired and creative?
This is a really fun question because from the outside, our industry is so 'fun' and 'easy'. In theory, my job enables me to be constantly creative. While in some respects it is, my creativity typically happens outside of the work flow. I love learning new skills. My friends are gold and I find myself staying motivated by learning through them. Everyone has different strengths and I not only thrive off the relationships built, but also the creative outlets they can teach me. I'm lately finding the passion to explore photography as my main hobby. Food, nature, and people, the three things I love (besides wine), also inspire me. 

Is there anything special or unique about your morning routine?
Does hitting the alarm until you're late count? If so, then that. :) 

If someone wanted to break into your industry, what advice would you give them?
Find your inner patience and empathy, they will be your best friends. Even the most well thought-out plans will have changes at the 20th hour. It's not about the best plans, it's about the best reactions to change. 

Did you always know this career path was ‘the one’?
Actually, yes. I started modeling in high school and hated it, so when I got the opportunity to work behind the scenes, I fell in love. I have always felt so grateful for "getting it" early on, but you'll never know until you take advantage of the opportunities presented. 

What season inspires you most?
Spring. Always. The energy is contagious and it's amazing to see how people react to spring. Also, spring has the best color palette and the first part of the year, you're generally able to play with color. 

Do you have any funny short stories or embarrassing moments from when you first got started?
I feel like that requires a separate interview! But really, there are so many. And I love that. It's important to understand that perfection does not exist, and failure isn't always something to condemn. My favorite events have always had embarrassing moments, but instead of shaming them, I celebrate learning from my faux pas.

What is the best advice you have been given?
What's the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I cannot tell you how often I say this to myself. You always have to start somewhere. 

What is your dream project?
Traveling the world connecting people to one another via events and productive programming. 

If there was a song that played every time you worked on your craft, what would it be?
90's hip hop is my favorite station for setup, but specific song would be "Record Year" by Eric church. It's so good and proves that when things get you down, you're still able to fly. 

Is there anything in particular you are obsessed with these days?
I love connecting people. It's heartbreaking because the biggest thing people want is to feel connected. I hope we don't lose that ability to interact. Most people are kind and genuinely good souls. It's disappointing to watch the media sensationalize the negative ones. 

What would you do if you had $40,900 for a vacation?
I would book a one-way ticket to Greece with my boyfriend and continue to travel outside of the country and around the world until I'm completely out of money. 

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

Creativity Tell All // Kico at BoxMade Goods

It was so great running into Kico and Jen at Station in South Park. I follow them on Facebook but it's always good to see old friends face-to-face. Their wedding was almost 10 years ago and it still felt like yesterday. We had so much fun. I knew Kico would be up to something exciting and I was stoked to hear about his new project. Here are some clips of inspiration from Kico of Boxmade Goods, a custom artwork and apparel imprinting company based in San Diego.

How do you continually stay inspired and creative?
Mostly from internet archaeology and curating. There's plenty of easily accessible inspiration out there, too much actually. It helps to be selective. I look at Dribbble, Behance and TheDieLine a lot.

Is there anything special or unique about your morning routine?
I wouldn't say it's unique, but my mornings are special because I get to spend time with my daughter; getting her ready for school and dropping her off. Between getting her ready and entertaining our dog, it's a long morning before I get to do anything for myself, but I'm fortunate to be able to have that time with both of them.

If someone wanted to break into your industry, what advice would you give them?
Find a niche. There's a million screen printers and apparel decorators out there. Specialize in an industry you love and believe in.

Did you always know this career path was ‘the one’?
Nope. I knew I didn't want to be desk bound and I've always enjoyed making things and being creative in general. I also knew I wanted to run my own business someday. Screen printing happened sort of by accident, but was a great fit both on the business and creative fronts.

What season inspires you most?
Fall. I love the anticipation and build-up to the holidays. I also love fall clothing; jackets, blazers, scarves and boots.

What is the best advice you have been given?
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi. I heard someone repeat this Ghandi quote in a great video podcast I watch regularly called Barbell Shrugged.  It's a simple inspirational quote, but really resonates with me. Be the change. It's become a bit of a mantra.

What is your dream project?
To design and print a logo that transcends it's initial purpose.

If there was a song that played every time you worked on your craft, what would it be?
So many come to mind! "I Ain't No Joke" or "Paid in Full" by Eric B. & Rakim. Also "Home" or "Route 66" by Depeche Mode if I had to narrow it down.

Is there anything in particular you are obsessed with these days? 
Mostly learning more about the art, business and craft of screen printing.  I'm also constantly reading stories about people who completely changed their lives after discovering CrossFit. So many of them not only lose weight and get more fit, but change careers or life paths. I also watch a lot of Barbell Shrugged videos and pretty much everything Aaron Draplin does.

What would you do if you had $40,900 for a vacation?
Take my wife and daughter to New York City and Paris. We would stay in nice hotels and spend the rest on phenomenal food in both cities.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers


I am feeling reminiscent and soaking up our second to last wedding weekend of 2015 with a hugely grateful heart. What a year it has been!Shooting: A magical night photo walk with Mike at Balboa Park. Candy and Sam's epic destination estate wedding at the Hansen Mansion in Coronado, one of my favorite properties.

Watching:Full Gallop at the Old Globe Theater - an inspiring one woman show.

Dreaming of: Our last wedding weekend of the year. I can't wait to see both of my friends marry their loves.

Swimming: In the rain! It's been another hot and humid week and I am ready for some cool relief.

xoxo Suzanne


Singing Along With: December Jingles Playlist

While the weather outside here in San Diego may not be so frightful, nothing gets us more spirited for the holidays like a good ol' playlist. Whether we're snuggling up to our loved ones or trying to decorate our festive palm trees, good music is always a must have for the happy holiday season. 
1. Snuggle weather! It's cold, I have a hot chocolate, my blanket, and my honey cakes.
*this song was originally played by John Prine (In Spite of Ourselves.) Cute contemporary mix.
Cake and Eggs - Deer Tick
2. New years eve party with the gal pals!
3. Getting to see family that you haven't seen in years
We are Family - Sister Sledge
4. That time of the year that you and your love reignite flames because, it's the holidays, you know.
Orange Colored Sky - Lady Gaga
5. That period of childhood nostalgia you have during the holidays
Christmas Song - Alvin and the Chipmunks
6. Reflecting on your relationship and making it grow :)
When We Were Young - Lucy Schwartz
7.  Convincing yourself that 3 pieces of cheesecake are totally okay on Christmas day
All about that Bass - Meghan Trainor


Hope you all had a wondrous 4th of July.  This week has just flown by.  Wedding season is definitely in full swing.  We had two amazing weddings last weekend and a sweet destination wedding yesterday.  So that means more pictures coming your way.  I feel like we've really gotten into a good rhythm.  Finally, I am getting a little less shy and sharing a whole lot more of our lives and work with all of you.  So thanks for stopping by.  It means a lot.  Here are my 4 things for the week.

Drinking: Champagne.  Mike came home with a bottle of champagne earlier this week.  Considering the joy IPA brings him, I was swept off my feet.  Sometimes it's the little things that bring a slow smile to your lips.

Listening: To the Songza App everyday.  The concierge will help you pick out a playlist based on mood, activity or genre.  Recently I had a fun time with "Your own John Hughes Movie".

Loving:  Mike and I were listening to some old school Waylon Jennings the other day and he said he had a daydream once where he serenaded his grandma at a picnic to the tune of "Rambling Man"

Dreaming: We are dreaming about an upcoming wedding in Northern Italy this August.






Artist Manifesto

These are ten mottos we live by at SheWanders. We look to these often for inspiration and they can be applied to any type of art or creativity. Try it out and see what gets your creative juices flowing.1. Be surrounded by other creatives.

2. Spend time with family and friends.

3. Go somewhere you've never been before.

4. Alone time is epic.

5. Be present: have a daily ritual, move around.

6. Music: it gets you through.

7. Seek inspiration out of your comfort zone.

8. Use analog tools.

9. Experiment with other art forms.

10. Reach out and collaborate with others.

Happy Sunday




4 Things.... Road Trip!

Recently,  Jen and I took the old Prius for a spin to Arizona. Sometimes getting away from it all refreshes my creative spirit.4 things I've been loving...

Listening: Billy Joel's concert in Phoenix, AZ was everything I could have hoped for. It was amazing to watch someone still love to perform after all these years. To quote my friend Jenny, "Sometimes music is transcendent."

Watching: A Book of Morman in San Diego, CA. It was epic. Run don't walk.

Playing: Exquisite Corpse with Lauren Natalie on Pinterest. This is a game created by surrealists around 1925 in which each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. I love how this game promotes collaboration. In our version, Lauren and I take turns pinning photographs for each other. First I pin an image, and then Lauren answers by pining an image inspired by the previous one. Soon enough, we have an entire board filled with photography inspiration.

Dreaming: Last week I booked a wedding in Italy. I have my fingers crossed that I will get to spend some time in Iceland on the way there. A girl can dream...

Happy Weekend! Hoping you get to do some road tripping this summer.