4 Things // Happy Long Weekend

Dear Wanderers,

Happy 4th weekend! We hope you are enjoying the long weekend and staying cool. 

Watching: Game of Thrones finale and So You Think You Can Dance. I am also obsessed with the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament right now!

Doing: Relaxing and unpacking after our adventures in Iceland. Catching up on some shows and soccer.

Dreaming of: Next weekend we are going on an artist retreat in Joshua Tree with our pals.

Photographing: Jackie's family portraits. What a gorgeous bunch!

Suzanne and the Wanderers

4 Things // The Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland yay! Our trip is finally here.  We made it! The midnight sun is beautiful.  It never really sets.  It's hard to ever go to sleep when everything is so beautiful.

Adventuring : Frolicking around with Mike in a Kukucamper and having total freedom to go where we want.  Our cute camper has a bed and a stove. 

Eating : Mike cooks us eggs and bacon with Cafe Moto coffee on the edges of cliffs with the most extraordinary views.

Photographing : The living watercolor that gives Iceland a new landscape around every bend.

Dreaming of : Right here, right now.

4 things : Around the World

I'm on a mini around the world trip. I guess we could call it around the world in 20 days. San Diego - Iceland - Italy - Dubai - San DiegoI met someone while I was traveling in college and they explained to me that not all tickets are round trip. Some of them just keep going until you arrive back at home. I was so amazed and grilled him with tons of questions. I remember we were sitting on the edge of a cliff on the most western point of Portugal. He was Australian and said they were really common. I asked him so many questions that eventually he said "I have a girlfriend." I laughed a little because he caught me off guard. I assured him I wasn't faking my interest in RTW tickets just to hit on him. Boys. A few years later I took my own year long trip around the world. It was one of the coolest things I've ever done. If I had my way all my tickets would be around the world.

Reading - lonely planet Iceland. I am obsessed about going back for a longer trip. Loving - an exhibit I saw in Reykjavik called Twosomes. It has inspired me to set aside some time to delve through the archives and search for stories. Hopefully I'll be sharing what I find soon. Dining with - Cristina and this weekends beautiful bride and a few of her friends and sisters. Cristina was explaining that at her new job in Dubai she only has 22 vacation days. There was a slight pause and I was certain that they would say 22 it isn't so bad but instead their mouths dropped and in unison they said "no. Cri no. How awful" Let me clarify, in the States 2 weeks vacation equals 10 days. I'm very pro-vacation,  it sounds like the Italians know what they are talking about. Dreaming of Dubai I'll arrive tomorrow. I'm so curious to see what it all looks like. What is real and what is imagined? Happy weekend, Suzanne