5 Somethings // Adventures & Secret Dinners

Something Lovely :: My mom and I spent the day at the park with Gaidin.  We went to Cardiff and met up with my dear friends Paul and Diana and their sweet son.  They spend much of their year traveling around the U.S. and Mexico, living out of their van and having amazing adventures.  I've known Paul since I was a kid and it's amazing to see him so happy and free.  I'd love to take a long epic road trip some day with Mike. 

Something Dreamy :: Iceland in June! I just found out that Jenna is going on a writing retreat in Iceland in April. How exciting! I'm so happy to be sharing a similar experience with her.

Something Captured :: Today, Mike and I are shooting a behind-the-scenes shoot for a friend of ours that organizes secret dinners.  Whiskey foxtrot tango, how cool is that?

Something New :: This week I'm starting the Shewanders rebranding process with Courtney of Brightly Designed.  I'm excited to share our new vision over the next few months and collaborate with such an incredible artist.

Something Challenging :: Allergies...I really thought I had gotten rid of them. San Diego, you beautiful sunny mess, what is going on?

Suzanne and the Wanderers


What a week of beautifully wild weather and self reflection. Thanks for following our journey, I hope you are feeling refreshed and content wherever you are. 

Something Lovely :: Seeing the beautiful picture of Suzanne at the ice bar in Sweden. It makes me smile seeing her traveling joy.  I also love coming home to my nephew Gaiden and Miss Molly, the poodle.  They are always so happy to see me!

Something Captured :: With rain, comes the bright green colors in our hillsides and trails. I always rush out during or after a good rain to experience those vibrant colors. 

Something Dreamy :: I am always dreaming of my next vacation to a far-away-land or finding the path to happiness in 2016. It is a continual pursuit but I am learning to enjoy the journey and appreciate every moment, big and small. 

Something New :: I learned something new this week about myself, which is that I am very much like my old self. I have maintained similar interests and hobbies to my younger self. I have loved growing in the things I love most in life over the years and watching my progress. 

Something Challenging :: My continual challenge is to write, see and feel everyday within myself. The Artists Way has been an incredible resource that I come back to, time and time again. I do this to refresh my creativity and maintain balance in my life. 

Mike and the Wanderers


This is my happiest, most favorite time of the year. I always wondered if the magic would die down as an adult but it doesn't. It's as special as ever, especially experiencing all of our fun traditions with my sweet Nephew. Happy Holidays everyone.

Listening to: Playlist Songza - Never Ending Christmas Hits

Photographing: Courtney, Brightly Designed, and her family. It's an incredible feeling to watch my friend's family grow year after year.

Pinning: We wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish I could pause time and make every Christmas craft under the sun.

Adventuring: December Nights at Balboa Park. My nephew Gaiden's first Christmas in San DIego. I want to do everything fun this holiday season. 


It all goes by so fast! I am trying my hardest to stay present and enjoy every itty bit of it.Fun:A Pinterest board called BOO! - it's been fun to add entertaining ideas to it.

Photographing: Family portraits, kids in costumes and my own family.

Dreaming of: all of it; the last two crazy months of the year, production, shooting tons of portraits, my new personal projects, spending time with my family, the holidays. Right now is a wild ride and I want to stay as present as possible.

Making: I've been creating a cute little series of images of my nephew as Charlie Brown. It's been sweet to shop for his outfit, customize it, involve my family and play in Photoshop.

Hugs, Suzanne