5 Somethings // A Field of Wildflowers

Something Lovely 
Suzanne: My mom, the poodle, and I hit the road to see the Wildflowers in Death Valley.
Mike: Running through the trails at Balboa Park.

Something Dreamy
Suzanne: Wildflowers; spring is the time that I bloom.  It's such an awesome time to recharge and feel anew.  I love seeing the flowers feel that way too.  Southern California tells so many different stories on this theme.
Mike: Success, I'm working on a new goal.  I'm not ready to share yet but something big is on the horizon.

Something Captured
Suzanne: This week was a lot of landscapes for me.  The desert floor was sprinkled with little yellow flowers.
Mike: I captured some beautiful portraits of Suzanne at Balboa Park.  We had some time to location scout and find beautiful lighting.

Something New
Mike and Suzanne: The Last Match at The Old Globe
Suzanne: This was so well acted and really got to the heart of the matter.
Mike:  It was such a great parallel of the tension of life and the tension in this epic match.  To me this play had it all.

Something Challenging
Suzanne: Balance. Part of me wants to sit outside and feel the sun on my face, the other wants to work on 12 projects at once.  Hello daylight savings.  Thanks for the extra daylight.
Mike: I've been collecting quotes and inspiring figures and trying to put together a more focused vision.

Thanks for being a part of our days, weeks and years.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers 


There is nothing quite like home sweet home after a wonderful vacation to Denmark and Sweden. 

Something Lovely :: Gaidin spent the weekend with us. It's so rare for us to have the weekend off. We spent a lot of time at parks and walking in the sun.  After an epic two weeks in the dark Scandinavian winter, it was lovely to feel the sun on my face and the warmth of my family.

Something Dreamy :: I was a little nervous about going to Denmark and Sweden in the middle of winter, but Maryanne and I brought tons of warm clothes and lucked out on the weather.  This trip made me fall a little bit in love with winter.  I'm really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Iceland in June.  Even though it will be summer, it will definitely still feel like winter for this San Diego girl.

Something Captured :: Oh Copenhagen you are lovely.  Maryanne and I went on an boat tour of the city.  It was wild.  The sun came out for what seemed like the first time ever and kept us warm on the chilliest day.  I can't wait to share some images. Copenhagen is a dream.

Something New :: It was night time for the majority of our trip.  The sun "rose" around 8:30 am and "set" about 3:30.  Mostly, it just made subtle appearances near the horizon but never really gave the feeling of day time.  There was a dark beauty to our adventures and many of our photo walks were at night.  It was really intriguing to photograph the soft low contrast light of winter.

Something Challenging :: My dad was in the hospital this weekend for a blood clot in his leg. It was a tense weekend and my brother and Andrea spent a lot of time in the hospital while we played with Gaidin. My dad didn't want Gaidin to see him in the hospital. I am so glad he is getting better.

Big hugs,
Suzanne and the Wanderers


What a week of beautifully wild weather and self reflection. Thanks for following our journey, I hope you are feeling refreshed and content wherever you are. 

Something Lovely :: Seeing the beautiful picture of Suzanne at the ice bar in Sweden. It makes me smile seeing her traveling joy.  I also love coming home to my nephew Gaiden and Miss Molly, the poodle.  They are always so happy to see me!

Something Captured :: With rain, comes the bright green colors in our hillsides and trails. I always rush out during or after a good rain to experience those vibrant colors. 

Something Dreamy :: I am always dreaming of my next vacation to a far-away-land or finding the path to happiness in 2016. It is a continual pursuit but I am learning to enjoy the journey and appreciate every moment, big and small. 

Something New :: I learned something new this week about myself, which is that I am very much like my old self. I have maintained similar interests and hobbies to my younger self. I have loved growing in the things I love most in life over the years and watching my progress. 

Something Challenging :: My continual challenge is to write, see and feel everyday within myself. The Artists Way has been an incredible resource that I come back to, time and time again. I do this to refresh my creativity and maintain balance in my life. 

Mike and the Wanderers


While Suzanne is away, we will continue to play. Here are my 5 Somethings from this active and refreshing week.

Something Lovely :: Seeing all of the bright green on the hiking trails along the San Diego river. The rain works magic!

Something Dreamy :: My next vacation with Suzanne. 

Something captured :: Beautiful scenery along my hike. 

Something New :: I learned to breathe, relax and let the process play out in all things. 

Something Challenging :: A not so funny mishap from the week - I lost all of the notes on my phone. Does anyone else use that as their to-do list/thought protector/life map? Needless to say, I was not happy! 

Mike and the Wanderers