4 Things...Intern Addition

Suzanne is off wandering the world and doing what she does best-shooting weddings. She is currently in Iceland, so us interns at Shewanders picked Suzanne's brain for a couple of things to write about. Lately, these have been on Suzanne's mind (with our own input here and there)... 

Dreaming of: The Grant Bridal event and hanging out with my pals. Suzanne attended a gorgeous get together at The US Grant Hotel. The theme was A Mid-summer Night's Dream, and it was like a fairy tale. How fun it must be to gather around with friends and vendors for an evening to enjoy each other's company and brainstorm.

Missing: Catalina Island. Suzanne spent a night in Catalina with Mike and his mother. Their trip looked so wonderful. It is nice when family can get together for a little getaway.

Watching: The Other Woman. Hanna suggested that Suzanne and the rest of us check it out. Definitely putting that one on the must watch list.

Thinking of: The ALS ice bucket challenge. It seemed a little bit silly at first, but after learning that people are actually donating money as well as pouring ice water on themselves for extra effect, it seems like a pretty cool way of getting more people involved with donating and being more aware.


The Shewanders Team