The $40,900 Question : Courtney Bright

We interviewed Courtney Bright of Brightly Designs to find out what she is inspired by today, her craziest road trip, and who her first grade school crush was. Courtney is the most amazing paper designer, friend, and person. Get to know her a little better, you'll want to.Road trips that stick out to you? Towing a U-Haul from NY to SD with two cats, a great dane,  and my sister. That was a crazy one.

Most surprising client request? Chloe and Grant asked me to make a swing for their wedding. I did it!

Something people don't know about you? If I wasn't doing Brightly Designed, I would work at the San Diego Zoo.

First grade school crush? His name was Lee, and he had white blonde hair. I was terrified when he held my hand.

5 things that inspire you today? nature, bold colors, sunshine, estate sales, Ella.

If you had a store what would you sell? I would sell antiques by the beach with an open store front. Basically the building would be Annette Gomez's studio.

Finally, if you had $40, 900 to spend on a trip, where would you go and what would you do? I would drive a motor home throughout the midwest and purchase 40,000 dollars worth of antiques.


Thanks for sharing Courtney.