4 things...An artist

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be an artist.  What "keeps the music playing". I've been thinking about what keeps me inspired: my muses, my friends, my family and my experiences.  I've always needed my voice as an artist to be about people. Telling someone's story.  About composing their story in a way that is filled with optimism and with it adding a drop of hope into the world.  As I grew to understand myself better as an artist, I saw hope and optimism return as themes over and over again in my work and in my life.  Even my most subversive younger work had a freedom to it, a hope, an optimistic outlook.  Hope and optimism have inspired me as an artist.  What keeps you going? What adds meaning and inspiration into your days?Remembering : Botticelli.  The first time I saw The Birth of Venus in person at the Uffizi in Florence I wept.  Sweet happy unabashed tears. I love remembering how profound that moment was to me.  I really felt the staying power of art in the world.  How this one pairing has been seen by so many. I felt grace connected to all of the artists and art lovers before me.

Watching : a routine Travis Wall choreographed on sytycd called ". ". This piece was everything. I think it's difficult to craft dances about joy without it coming across as false.  This dance felt like the best happiest moments that move on circles and disappear the second you realize them. This dance was a gift. I love that I could sit on the couch and hold Mikes hand and share something really beautiful with him.  I'm always so grateful that Mike loves theatre and dance too.

Dreaming about : Mike and I are going on a big trip in November. I've been pouring over ideas. We will be in Europe for 1 week and Asia for 1 or 2. So many choices my head is spinning.

Reading : the creative habit by Twyla Tharp. What a fascinating woman. I love how deep she delves into a project.  I'm hoping to create my rituals that free me up for more time for art and love.

Happy weekend ya all.