Happy Monday to all! Hope you were able to indulge in some chips and salsa and maybe a margarita this weekend to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This week's collection of photographs seem a bit erratic, but I was overwhelmed with awesome pictures that SheWanders has taken of the "small stuff". I often post photos where I can truly see emotion and love in the expressions of the bride and groom and the friends and family of those who attended the wedding. This week I've decided to put together a collection of photographs that capture the details of a wedding. xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderers






Life is Beautiful

Hello all ! I'm sorry for such a late in the evening Monday post.  This weekend I attended Coachella, a three day music festival in Indio, California.  It was so wonderful dancing and listening to all of my favorite tracks all day and into the night, but the sun heated the valley to a warm 100 degrees each day.  This powerful image found by Suzanne reminds me of course that life is beautiful, but also that even with most exciting adventures, not everything can be perfect.  Suzanne was fortunate enough to see the Bicentennial in Venice, Italy a few years ago... below is one of the main works of art displayed at the acclaimed art show in 2011.  Have a nice week!  xoxo... Jessica





Happy Monday all! Wasn't the sun warm today? I dreamed of lying on the beach with a book. Especially the book that my Mother sent me in the mail the other day - thanks Mom! I find it hard to not love everything about literature.  SheWander's captures the comfort of a good book in these photos.... what are you reading? xoxo... Jessica

Need tunes while you read? Check out this pretty duet from Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends/Bookends .  Paul Simon writes as beautifully as he sings.


Happy Monday all! Hope the weekend was good to you. Here are some photos of a cute couple wandering in Balboa Park during an engagement shoot. The park is a great location for photographs, filled with wonder, curiosity, and beauty.xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderers


Happy Monday to all! I've got some gorgeous photos taken by the SheWanders crew to brighten the beginning of your week. I was fortunate enough to assist Mike and Suzanne at Matt and Christine's wedding last fall. It's pretty awesome to see them in action! My favorite part of the evening: seeing the ring bearer walk down the aisle in a shark costume. He was so excited when asked to be part of the wedding beacause he could get "dressed up"! xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderers

Rooftops by Intern : Katie

I often share my voice and thoughts on the SheWanders blog, but today I am excited to share the photos I have taken of the "Wanderers" day of glamour and learning. The "Wanderers" also known as the interns at SheWanders were gathered together to play dress up and take photos. It all started with a day of beauty as the wonderful Audra René of Audra René Studio did our hair and makeup with her friend Elena . I felt like it was prom all over again! Not only did I get to put on a cute little cocktail dress and heels, but I also learned how to pose for the camera-- let's talk about a movie star moment! Even crazier is that i learned that each person has a feminine and masculine side to their face. If you think I'm crazy, go to the bathroom right now, stand in front of the mirror and cover one side of your face with a piece of paper. After a few seconds cover the other side of your face. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!! In fact it is true that everyone has a better side (your feminine side). So wild!I won't lie I do love being in front of the camera but due to my lack of height I think it is much safer to say that I belong behind the camera. It was great to work with Suzanne and Mike and learn their tricks of the trade. They sure know what they are doing! I am so glad that I was able to partake in this wonderful day of beauty and photography. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have found a passion of mine that I can call my job!

dos besos, Katie from the Wanderers

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Happy Monday to all! I apologize for the late post... I've been driving back to San Diego from Santa Fe, New Mexico after an long weekend with one of my best friends. Santa Fe is an absolutely gorgeous place- full of color, culture, and 360 degree views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Twelve hours of driving was tough... but talking to my sister about HER FUTURE WEDDING made it much easier!!   Yep, my sister got engaged! I couldn't be more excited for her, and I am equally excited to help her plan for her special day. The wedding will be simple, yet unconventional. One of the details at the top of her list (and mine) - flowers!  One of the details that SheWanders is so great at capturing - flowers!  Stay tuned for up to date details on the planning process... and have a wonderful week!  xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderersshewanders photography, san diego wedding flowers

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shewanders photography, san diego wedding flowers

Listen to one of my favorite Talking Head's tunes: "(Nothing But Flowers)"


Happy Monday! Hope this wet weather hasn't made you too damp and dreary. I am posting today tucked in the basement of my school's library while diligently studying for my finals this week. Looking at the pictures I chose for today's post is forcing me to look at my glass as half full, even though I'm up to my neck in books and papers. SheWanders has the magic touch; they always manage to click the camera at the perfect place and time. These photos remind me that times of stress and confusion are necessary in order to realize the true beauty of happiness and bliss.... xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderersshewanders photography

shewanders photography, san diego wedding photographers

shewanders photography, san diego wedding photographer

Anyone see the lunar eclipse on Saturday? I heard it was spectacular. Listen to one of my favorites from The Rolling Stones: "Moonlit Mile"


Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of love and gratitude. I decided to post a few photos of toys in honor of the upcoming holiday season. I have always been impressed with SheWanders' ability to balance professionalism and precision with quirkiness and lightheartedness. Their pictures of the bride and groom's rings are always unique and fun. I also love their monkey, Toulouse (named after the short-statured French painter, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec), and the pictures they take with him around the world. Although the giving and receiving of gifts and toys are certainly not the reason for the season, I'm going to try to drop a toy or two in the boxes for Toys for Tots around San Diego given to less fortunate children... you should, too! Love and Laughs, Jessica from the Wanderers

toulouse, shewanders photography, jessica fahey

shewanders photography

I have attached Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me", my favorite tune in the classic kid movie, Toy Story.


Happy Monday! I had a couple different options for posts today, but I just had to post these photos from an amazing San Franciscan wedding. Not only because these capture how fun love is, but also because I'm currently huddled next to an outlet on the floor of San Francisco's International Airport surrounded by marshmallowy fog. Of course I can't pout about going to Chicago to visit my sister (cause I'm so so excited!!), but part of me wishes I could wander to Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park. I suggest taking a mental health day on a Monday in the future to explore San Francisco for a long weekend. Stuffing this week!!! xoxo... Jessica of the Wanderers

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I did think of some other awesome San Francisco songs I could post, but it just didn't feel right. Watch this rad video of Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco".


Hello!  Hope you aren't too frustrated with me because of my missing MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY post last week... it won't happen again.  I came across these photographs when looking in the Shewander's collection the other day; I love the roles the horizon and bright blue sky play.  The sky seems infinite.  Try to take some time for yourself this week- maybe lying in the grass looking at the clouds, or sitting on a bench gazing at the moon.  Things are looking up.  xoxo.... Jessica from the Wanderers shewanders photography, san diego wedding photographersshewanders photography, san diego wedding photographers, jessica fahey

shewanders photography, san diego wedding photographers, jessica fahey

I'm attaching "Married Life" composed by Michael Giacchino from the amazing animated film Up.  The song is so beautiful and filled with emotion, as is the film clip.  Carl achieves his childhood dream by floating to Paradise Falls in his house that is attached with a bushel of balloons. I wonder how many balloons it would take to get me in the clouds!


Biking is the best.  I love taking a bike ride at sunset on the boardwalk, or just around the block to ease my mind.  I'm so excited to be moving to Ocean Beach where I can bike or walk anywhere I please.  Where do you like to ride?  xoxo... Jessica of the WanderersJessica Fahey, bike, bicycles, shewanders photography

Listen to Queen's "Bicycle Race" to get you in the mood! xoxo... Jessica from the Wanderers

Sweet Treat October : To smash or not to smash?

To smash or not to smash! It wasn't until this October, when all that has been on my mind is Halloween and  consequently sweets, that I contemplated whether it was acceptable to smash cake into your partner's face on your wedding day. I was surprised after researching on google that this question is quite the controversy. Since sweets are still on my mind, I thought it would be fun to see delicious cake and what the shewanders' couples decided to do with it.
I wanted to hear if these couples were sweet on their wedding day, or if their faces tasted sweet from the cake and frosting that decorated their faces! Here's to cake!
Dos Besos,
Katie from the Wanderers
san diego wedding photography, wedding cake, feeding the cake
"Nick and I aren't the type do anything sweetly--especially if there are witnesses--so I knew I had to be on the defensive. We had cannoli instead of cake, though, so it was sharper and not as smash-able. figuring that the best defense was a good offense but not wanting to stab him, I quickly got some filling and wiped it on his face. To this day he complains that I got cannoli in his eye. :)"
-Brooke Taylor
cake smashing, san diego shewanders photography
"I was happy to be tidy in the cake-feeding.  We had cupcakes, so there was ample opportunity for a mess.  To be honest, I don't really remember if we tried to smash and chickened out or what."
-Ashley Fong
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I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with one of our interns Hanna Olson the other day and ask her a few questions. Her motivation and work ethic really impresses me!jessica fahey, hanna olson, jessica fahey photos, jessica fahey photography, jessica fahey blog

J:  What is the number one most played song on your iPod today?

H:  When I'm with You by Calrensau

J:  What is one of your favorite quotes?

H:  "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11

J:  If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

H:  Fly a helicopter!

J:  Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

H:  You interpret a picture.  You see someone smiling in a portrait, and you can either tell yourself that they are really, truly happy, or just faking it for the sake of the moment.  You could imagine what they are thinking about, who they are, what they love, who they love.  It's your interpretation.

J:  Have you ever milked a cow or goat?

H:  I don't think I could touch utters...

J:  What crazy activities do you dream of doing someday?

H: Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty! Inside of course.

J:  What's your favorite part about SheWanders?

H:  Learning to edit photos!  I've learned so much being here.

Don't forget to check out Hanna's awesome photography blog! xoxo... Jessica from the Wanderers


I asked our intern Katie to tell me about a wonderful abroad experience and to attach a couple of photos.  Take me to Buenos Aires!!  xoxo.. Jessica of the WanderersLast Winter Break, I was fortunate enough to venture to Buenos Aires with my family for New Years. What initially sparked the family trip to the beautiful city was my brilliant idea to take a Spanish class through my University, USD, in Buenos Aires. My family also saw my Spanish class as a great opportunity to venture to Buenos Aires and join in on the fun-- my family has a knack for traveling. My family and I went a week before my classes started and arrived on New Years. Exploring with my family allowed me to adjust to life in the city as well as discover all of it's hidden treasures. By the time my classmates arrived, I felt comfortable navigating around the city as if I were a local. My family only stayed in Buenos Aires for a week and a half but I on the other hand was lucky enough to stay for four weeks. I stayed with the sweetest house family anyone could ever ask for. Not only did my family rock but they lived in the best part of town, Palermo-- where all the best shopping and bars are located :). I spent my mornings taking Spanish classes, mid day exploring the city, dinner with my host family and nights out in the streets of Buenos Aires with my classmates! It was an amazing experience and I would love to go back!


I asked our wonderful intern Olivia about the neatest book she purchased this past summer... in Paris!  xoxo... Jessica of the WanderersEarlier this summer, I did like the Parisians do and bartered with a French man who was posted along the Seine for this awesome book. The majority of the books he was selling were quite, how should I say this, risque. I was about to walk away when I saw the white lettering "ZAPPA" out of the corner of my eye. I turned around, grabbed the book out from the plethora of lewd literature, and immediately began flipping through the pages. It was an amazing book filled with incredible photos of the greatest rock and roll artists including Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Mick Jagger, Janice Joplin, and Jerry Garcia! It's not just an ordinary book either, the pages are all different types of sizes. Some pictures are full page whereas some are just a horizontal sliver. The design keeps it interesting and fun to look at. Even after looking through it 100 times, I know something new will surface the 101st time :)

olivia igoe, olivia igoe photographyCheck out the sweet costumes in Abba's "Dancing Queen"!