Hannah and Scott : Sunset cliffs wedding

Love brings everyone togetherHannah and Scott first met at a wilderness camp in Northern California, Hannah is from England and Scott is a native of San Diego. Once camp was over, Hannah flew back to England while Scott remained in San Diego. They spent two years together going back and fourth in a long a distance relationship. Scott had enough and asked Hannah to be his wife. Between the two of them they had a tiny ceremony in a park in the mountains in Colorado. With all their family and friends, they had a beautiful ceremony on Sunset cliffs in San Diego. The brides family and friends flew across the pond from England to attend the wedding.

What a wonderful way to bring everyone together.

A special shout out to all the friends, family and vendors who helped make this day possible!


Wedding Venue: Sunset Cliffs

Reception Venue: Coronado Recreation Center

Coordinator: Bowties & Fireflies

Florist: Root75

Caterer: El Tapatio

Cake: Sweet Lydia


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Katelyn and Caleb : Darlington House Wedding

There is something special about photographing several weddings at the same location because even though it is the same location every wedding is beautiful and unique in its own right. All the details and hard work has brought new life to the Darlington House every time we go there and I feel as if all the love gets multiplied by the happy memories from past. This is specially true for the wonderful couple Katelyn and Caleb.I was ecstatic to see the images after Mike came home from photographing their wedding day, the images left me breathless and nothing could have prepared me for how incredibly beautiful Katelyn looked on their special day.  Even though it's tradition for the bride and groom not to see each before the ceremony, breaking tradition in this case was for the best, as seeing Caleb before the ceremony turned out to be Katelyn's  favorite moment of the day since it was such an intimate moment they shared just between the two of them.  After the touching ceremony was over, it was time to party and Mike captured just how much fun they had with their bridal party perfectly. Where everyone danced and had a good time to Caleb's pick of reggae music and Katelyn's favorites Iron & Wine and Bruno Mars.  I was jealous, I wish I could have been there to share all the laughter and smiles that he was showing me.  Katelyn and Caleb looked like they had the time of  their life.

I'm certain that Katelyn and Caleb are going to have as much fun in their new life together as they did on their wedding day.  And a special thanks to all of our friends who made up their team of awesome vendors who made this day fun, smooth, and beautiful.

Congrats Katelyn and Caleb, Mike and I wish you nothing but the best!

xoxo Suzanne


Coordinator: The Best Wedding For You

DJ: Elite British DJ

Venue: Darlington House

Florist: Rae Florae

Photographer: SheWanders



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One Pic : Katelyn and Caleb

Congratulations to the beautiful couple.  Mike had an amazing time photographing these two lovebirds.  It's been so much fun editing Katelyn and Caleb's wedding, I felt so jealous not to share it with them.  I feel like I was there though when I sort through the pictures.  I can't wait to show you a whole blog post about them.   Clearly this crowd was made for the dance floor.  Elite British DJ had them at hello.Cheers to Katelyn and Caleb!

xoxo Suzanne


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