4 Things // Oh Hi

Suzanne : A fun wedding weekend in Ojai with Aubree and Travis at the Ojai Valley Inn.  Their band Impulse was incredible and a good fit for this lively couple.

Mike :  An elegant reception for Diana and Jim to celebrate their recent wedding in Italy with their friends and family.

Brushing our teeth : We had Gaidin a few days this week. There was a lot of guitar playing, going to the park and Gaidin's favorite; brushing his teeth.  Kids are funny.

Watching : Mike and I are still binge-watching The Walking Dead.  How were we so slow on this one?

Working : This week we rented a new stylish work space in Mission Hills.  It's been so fun to be in a different, inspiring environment.

Listening to : Tim Ferriss' podcast.  Week after week Tim is the coolest.  I loved the 4 hour work week and his blog is clever and entertainingas well.

Mike, Suzanne and the Wanderers

4 Things // Fresh Perspective

Hey Wanderers,

Happy Sunday =)

Photographing: Gaidin in the pool and hanging out with my family. 

Dreaming of: Our living room remodel. Over the next few weeks we are refreshing the living room.  I am so looking forward to a fresh perspective.

LearningCreative Live with Chris Burkard on the outdoor photography experience. Surfing in the Arctic circle, working with brands, creating children's books - this guy is rad.

Creating: Collages, water color painting and working on new multi-media techniques. Lately I've been painting every morning instead of writing in my morning pages.  I'm working on carving out the time to do both. I'll keep trying.

Suzanne and the Wanderers

4 Things //Pride & Beauty

Happy Pride Weekend! 

Photographing: Jenna is in her last couple weeks of pregnancy. What a beauty. Aubree and Travis' engagement shoot in Orange County exploring some of their favorite beaches and getting to know them.

Dreaming of: Mike's mom is coming to town for two weeks this month. We are hoping to take a road trip up to Bridgeport near Yosemite for a big family camping trip. 

Listening to: Elle Luna on Creative Live. Chase Jarvis' 30 Days of Genius is a pretty intriguing series. I love black and white photography and don't often see black and white video. 

Reading: Ender's Game for book club

Suzanne and the Wanderers

4 Things // Letting Go

Photographing : Yacht Party with Before I Do Events; yes to sailing and the sea air.

Dreaming of : Right here, right now. Today we are camping and photographing in Joshua Tree with our friends.

Watching : My nephew learned his abc's this week. He is excited about everything alphabet. 

Letting Go : I've had two acupuncture treatments this week.  My dad is staring radiation and chemo in a couple of days and I'm trying to let go of as much of the fear as I can.  I want there to only be hope left.

4 Things // Happy Long Weekend

Dear Wanderers,

Happy 4th weekend! We hope you are enjoying the long weekend and staying cool. 

Watching: Game of Thrones finale and So You Think You Can Dance. I am also obsessed with the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament right now!

Doing: Relaxing and unpacking after our adventures in Iceland. Catching up on some shows and soccer.

Dreaming of: Next weekend we are going on an artist retreat in Joshua Tree with our pals.

Photographing: Jackie's family portraits. What a gorgeous bunch!

Suzanne and the Wanderers

4 Things // The Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland yay! Our trip is finally here.  We made it! The midnight sun is beautiful.  It never really sets.  It's hard to ever go to sleep when everything is so beautiful.

Adventuring : Frolicking around with Mike in a Kukucamper and having total freedom to go where we want.  Our cute camper has a bed and a stove. 

Eating : Mike cooks us eggs and bacon with Cafe Moto coffee on the edges of cliffs with the most extraordinary views.

Photographing : The living watercolor that gives Iceland a new landscape around every bend.

Dreaming of : Right here, right now.

4 Things // Tropical Weddings

Hi Friends,

It's been a happy week of weddings and more on the horizon. Thanks for sharing your special adventures with us. 

Watching : Newsies Broadway & Camp David at the Old Globe.

Photographing : Kristen and Nik's tropical wedding at the Bali Hai. Yay.

Dreaming of : This coming weekend I am headed to Cabo for my friend Erica's wedding. #firsttimetocabo #ericaanddrewarerad

Organizing : We are going to start a video blogging series.  We've been doing some tests and you'll see Mike's mug soon.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

4 Things // Creative Muse

Happy Sunday wanderers. I'm listening to this interview with Austin Kleon on Creative Live.  He mentions Elizabeth Gilbert and her idea of genius being more of the Greek concept of the muse.  I love this idea of thoughts visiting you if you give them space in your daily practice.  He also mentions an interview she did with Tom Waits.  Tom would often get great ideas while he was driving. He would look up kind of frustrated and say, "Hey can't you see I'm driving".  I'm looking forward to finding this interview.

Listening : Creative Live

Reading : Just wrapped up Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert recently - so good.

Adventuring : Mike and I drove from San Francisco to San Diego along the coast earlier this week.  We took the time to create some beautiful images and try out new techniques along the way.

Dreaming of : Looking to get some good news for my dad at the doctors this week. 

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

4 Things // City by the Bay

We took a road trip up to the Bay Area for a gorgeous engagement shoot and to hang out with some friends. I love this city.

Art : The SFMOMA re-opened this month after being closed for two years and we loved exploring the new exhibits. 

More Art: The de Young exhibition was beautiful and inspiring. 

Photographing : We loved spending time together on our road trip and stopping wherever we wanted to take pictures. Abby and Ben were our shoot at Mare Island which is one of the most engaging places we have shot in. Half abandoned industrial and half gorgeous natural awe inspiring views. Mike and I were incredibly inspired. 

Watching : The HBO documentary of Robert Mapplethorpe. Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

Suzanne and Mike



4 Things // Loss & Life

This week, I lost a friend. It's so hard to comprehend the loss of such a beautiful life. Despite the sadness, there were many moments of happy joy including Mike and I celebrating our anniversary together. It was a week of celebrating life. 

Playing: Constellations at the Old Globe. It was interesting although if I never saw another play that has cancer as their central theme, that would be great. We then went to AIDS night out at Barrio Star

Watching: Game of Thrones premiere YAY!

Travel: Mike got home from Indiana! It was our anniversary and so nice to celebrate together.

Photographing: Amazing wedding for Sarah and Anson with Coastyle Events and Annette Gomez at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. It was a great team and a beautiful couple. Heart dropping inspiration really helped me get through this week. 


4 Things // Land of Enchantment

This week I am adventuring around New Mexico with Vanessa Luna of Rolling Stone Photography and Mike is back in Indiana helping my mom pack up her old house. What a much needed break of friendship and letting loose. 

Exploring :: New Mexico is the land of enchantment - the homes, the people, the landscape. 

Movement :: Road tripping and dancing on the side of the road near Sky City to Vampire Weekend.

Photographing :: Our escapades on the wide open road with endless sky and sunshine.

Fangirling :: Lila Rose at a few local spots in Albuquerque.


4 Things // Ice Sculptures & Karaoke

What a week of fun and creative photography. I love the people I am surrounded by and how much they inspire me. 

Fun :: Exquisite Weddings launch. It was so fun to see our friends and meet new ones.  Our image made the cover!  Eek how exciting. 

Photographed :: Mike and I photographed a fun shoot with Hanna (First and Orange) and Sage (Sage Justice Photo). We wanted to do some location scouting at the Make building in Carlsbad and challenge ourselves to get creative and learn new techniques. I also had the chance to photograph an at-home family session for Abbey, Steve and their new love Louie. Mike and I photographed a dream inspiration shoot at La Valencia with Before I Do events. Oh how fun it is to play with your friends. My WICP group photographed ice forms this week.  It was interesting to photograph the abstract ice forms and watch them melt and unfold.  I shot them with a macro lens and it felt good to get really close.

Singing :: There may have been some incredibly fun karaoke singing at Lamplighter this week. Mike and I let loose and had a blast #FamilyTradition

Dreaming of :: An upcoming trip to New Mexico.  It's my first time there. I can't wait!



4 Things // Happy Days & Desert Escapes

Hey Wanderers,
Happy days in the Ofeldt household. We were so happy that my brother proposed to his girlfriend this week. So much to look forward to in every part of life.

Photographing :: My brother's surprise proposal to his girlfriend.  Mike and I snuck behind them as they walked down the pier and we captured some of the joy.  My family is swimming in happiness right now. 

Dreaming of :: There's so much on the horizon in April.  I'm really trying to make space for everything.  So much to come.

Reading :: We are reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes for book club this month.  It was a little unexpected for me.  The story takes some big turns.  I loved the little daring and unexpected moments of joy and laughter.  This book left my mind spinning about the idea of unexpectedness and what my comfort level is.

Traveling :: This week, my mom, Gaidin, Jen Boyd and I decided that we needed a few days in the dessert, so we headed to Joshua Tree.  The artists and transplants that live in the desert always fascinate me as much as the national parks do.  We were so lucky to have caught the desert in bloom.  Everything was alive and beautiful.


Joshua Tree, CA

5 Somethings // A Field of Wildflowers

Something Lovely 
Suzanne: My mom, the poodle, and I hit the road to see the Wildflowers in Death Valley.
Mike: Running through the trails at Balboa Park.

Something Dreamy
Suzanne: Wildflowers; spring is the time that I bloom.  It's such an awesome time to recharge and feel anew.  I love seeing the flowers feel that way too.  Southern California tells so many different stories on this theme.
Mike: Success, I'm working on a new goal.  I'm not ready to share yet but something big is on the horizon.

Something Captured
Suzanne: This week was a lot of landscapes for me.  The desert floor was sprinkled with little yellow flowers.
Mike: I captured some beautiful portraits of Suzanne at Balboa Park.  We had some time to location scout and find beautiful lighting.

Something New
Mike and Suzanne: The Last Match at The Old Globe
Suzanne: This was so well acted and really got to the heart of the matter.
Mike:  It was such a great parallel of the tension of life and the tension in this epic match.  To me this play had it all.

Something Challenging
Suzanne: Balance. Part of me wants to sit outside and feel the sun on my face, the other wants to work on 12 projects at once.  Hello daylight savings.  Thanks for the extra daylight.
Mike: I've been collecting quotes and inspiring figures and trying to put together a more focused vision.

Thanks for being a part of our days, weeks and years.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers 

5 Somethings // Mostly Fun + Taxes

Something Lovely :: Mike and I went to see The Metromaniacs at the Old Globe.  It was chaotic and hilarious with a twist all the way through.

Something Dreamy :: I know it's February but I'm starting to come up with my 'musts' for the summer.  Sailing, wild flowers, maybe even hang gliding, we will see.

Something Captured :: The Peyton family was so fun! Persephone is 9 months old and I love the joy and softness she is bringing to her parents.  I've known them forever and it's so cool to see their hearts burst open.

Something New :: Everything feels brand new.  I'm trying out new lighting techniques and different color combos when I shoot.  It's a season of growth and creativity. I love this time of year.

Something Challenging :: I've been trying to make our accounting spreadsheets more beautiful in Indesign.  It's that time of year again.  Corporate taxes are due. I've been living in an accounting world.  Although I love running a business accounting does not inspire me.  So I've been trying to add some photos and beauty to our spreadsheets in hopes of creating something that inspires me more.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers 

5 Somethings // Adventures & Secret Dinners

Something Lovely :: My mom and I spent the day at the park with Gaidin.  We went to Cardiff and met up with my dear friends Paul and Diana and their sweet son.  They spend much of their year traveling around the U.S. and Mexico, living out of their van and having amazing adventures.  I've known Paul since I was a kid and it's amazing to see him so happy and free.  I'd love to take a long epic road trip some day with Mike. 

Something Dreamy :: Iceland in June! I just found out that Jenna is going on a writing retreat in Iceland in April. How exciting! I'm so happy to be sharing a similar experience with her.

Something Captured :: Today, Mike and I are shooting a behind-the-scenes shoot for a friend of ours that organizes secret dinners.  Whiskey foxtrot tango, how cool is that?

Something New :: This week I'm starting the Shewanders rebranding process with Courtney of Brightly Designed.  I'm excited to share our new vision over the next few months and collaborate with such an incredible artist.

Something Challenging :: Allergies...I really thought I had gotten rid of them. San Diego, you beautiful sunny mess, what is going on?

Suzanne and the Wanderers

5 Somethings // LOVE & SUNSHINE

Something Lovely ::  Today we all took Gaidin to the park and shared a box of sees candy and El Zarape burritos.  It was me, mike, Molly the poodle, my mom, Bear, Andrea, Gaidin and my dad, who's doing much better.  It was one of those perfect Sundays.

Something Dreamy :: The weather is wild.  Is it already time to put our winter sweaters away? I'm doing a little spring cleaning.  The urge doesn't hit me too often but I've been enjoying clearing some space in my life. It reminds me of the quote "make some room for the unimaginable".

Something Captured :: I had the joy of photographing the Melton's this weekend. I love Lauren and Jeff and it's been such a treat to watch their family grow. I'm so happy for all of the love in their lives.  Jacob and William are full of spunk and so much fun to be around.

Something New :: I've started to create some fine art prints on our incredible archival Canon printer.  This week I started with some valentines for my family and I'm so excited to really dig in and create some tangible art.

Something challenging :: Did valentines come early this year? Ouch I still have a few cards to send out!

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers 


There is nothing quite like home sweet home after a wonderful vacation to Denmark and Sweden. 

Something Lovely :: Gaidin spent the weekend with us. It's so rare for us to have the weekend off. We spent a lot of time at parks and walking in the sun.  After an epic two weeks in the dark Scandinavian winter, it was lovely to feel the sun on my face and the warmth of my family.

Something Dreamy :: I was a little nervous about going to Denmark and Sweden in the middle of winter, but Maryanne and I brought tons of warm clothes and lucked out on the weather.  This trip made me fall a little bit in love with winter.  I'm really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Iceland in June.  Even though it will be summer, it will definitely still feel like winter for this San Diego girl.

Something Captured :: Oh Copenhagen you are lovely.  Maryanne and I went on an boat tour of the city.  It was wild.  The sun came out for what seemed like the first time ever and kept us warm on the chilliest day.  I can't wait to share some images. Copenhagen is a dream.

Something New :: It was night time for the majority of our trip.  The sun "rose" around 8:30 am and "set" about 3:30.  Mostly, it just made subtle appearances near the horizon but never really gave the feeling of day time.  There was a dark beauty to our adventures and many of our photo walks were at night.  It was really intriguing to photograph the soft low contrast light of winter.

Something Challenging :: My dad was in the hospital this weekend for a blood clot in his leg. It was a tense weekend and my brother and Andrea spent a lot of time in the hospital while we played with Gaidin. My dad didn't want Gaidin to see him in the hospital. I am so glad he is getting better.

Big hugs,
Suzanne and the Wanderers