Fertility Vacation // Hope Found

I’m feeling both strong and delicate lately.

2016 gave us plenty of excuses to have failed at our fertility vacations. Our hearts were broken over and over again. We lost so many close friends and family, and also fought cancer and won. We were distracted and broken hearted, yet somehow found the resources and perseverance to make it to the operating room, staring at two black and white embryos on the monitor.

We somehow found a way to hope again after so many years of heartache.

I’m so surprised and grateful that we could find something inside of us that allowed for hope. I didn’t expect to find hope on this journey. I knew we could find out how to get to Prague or how to try for adoption. I was committed to trying, but hope had long been out of the equation for me.

I am now full of strength and hope. Hope to be pregnant. And hope to try again if we’re not.