Fertility Vacation // My Tribe

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people on this exciting and odd journey. Everyone at home has been so kind and supportive. {Thank you!} My tribe in Prague makes all of the tough moments bearable and the good moments even better. 

Cristina :: I met Cristina through a high school exchange student program. We’ve been the best of friends ever since. She is the one person who changed the whole trajectory of my life. As teenagers, we sat looking at a map and she was saying crazy things like, “We can carry a backpack and go on trains. We can stay in hostels and explore all of these cities.” This all sounded too wondrous and foreign to me. I had no idea the possibilities. We went on a three month backpacking trip in Europe. It was all true. That started my career as a frequent traveler. She was my travel-mate.  She now lives in Dubai and will be meeting me for a week in Prague.

Vanessa :: Vanessa and I became fast friends and she is someone I admire. She is a beautiful photographer and traveler herself so I am excited to share this with her.  I love going on art adventures and taking photos by her side. She is someone that has so much energy, you just want to keep her in your pocket. Vanessa is coming with me to Reykjavik and will later meet me in Prague for a week.  

Swiss Jenny :: Jenny is joining us for a week in Prague.  I met Jenny when she interned with us at Shewanders.  She is soft, kind, and always insightful. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. 

Janna :: What a treat that my friend Janna from Sweden has decided to come visit for a few days. Mike and I met Janna a couple of years ago in Bali and knew we had an instant friend. Janna may be the most adventurous person we know. She rides motorcycles way too fast, does stunts, and explores everything fearlessly. I'm excited for her energy and laughter.

Mike :: My husband. My person. The man I am more myself around, then I am around myself. He will come towards the end of the trip. I need him there for his physical contribution and also for fun and support.  I know it will feel real once he is there.

I love this eclectic group of travelers and life-lovers.