4 Things // Green Love

Happy St. Patty's Day from here and there! Mike is in San Diego and Suzanne is in Prague. :)

Exploring: Prague and Berlin. So many galleries, cute cafes and endless photo walks. - Suzanne

Dreaming of: Mike Ofeldt comes to Prague next week. He's all I'm dreaming of. - Suzanne

Photographing: A 50th anniversary at a private estate. I wonder what it feels like to love someone for that long? I hope I get to experience that in my lifetime with Suzanne. - Mike

Dreaming of: Getting on a plane in a few days to meet Suzanne in Prague. It's been a lifelong dream to go Eastern Europe. We hope to fulfill more dreams while we are together. - Mike

With love and all things green,
Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers