Video Experiment :: The Peyton Family

Hey Wanderers,

Suzanne started experimenting with sound and motion by creating films while she's photographing.  Clients seem to really love this new interpretation of her vision. New year, new experiment.

Here is a video snippet from her shoot with the sweet Peyton family, and their daughter who stole the show. 

She’s curious and kind,
a grin full of teeth,
curly, blonde locks framing the moment.

Wrapped up in her own little world.
Wrapped up in her imagination,
and the love of mom and dad.

She flips and twirls,
rolls and dances around.
Upside down,
right side up.

Unsure footed,
but grounded like a poppy,
wavering around with whimsy and innocence.

Bubbles and chalk art,
mom and dad can play too.
We all crave her carefree heart.

Swinging with her toes touching the clouds,
growing a moment older with every up and down.
Nourished with love,
and endless playtime.

Oh, how do we freeze her forever, right now?

- Jenna, Fellow Wanderer