5 Somethings // A Field of Wildflowers

Something Lovely 
Suzanne: My mom, the poodle, and I hit the road to see the Wildflowers in Death Valley.
Mike: Running through the trails at Balboa Park.

Something Dreamy
Suzanne: Wildflowers; spring is the time that I bloom.  It's such an awesome time to recharge and feel anew.  I love seeing the flowers feel that way too.  Southern California tells so many different stories on this theme.
Mike: Success, I'm working on a new goal.  I'm not ready to share yet but something big is on the horizon.

Something Captured
Suzanne: This week was a lot of landscapes for me.  The desert floor was sprinkled with little yellow flowers.
Mike: I captured some beautiful portraits of Suzanne at Balboa Park.  We had some time to location scout and find beautiful lighting.

Something New
Mike and Suzanne: The Last Match at The Old Globe
Suzanne: This was so well acted and really got to the heart of the matter.
Mike:  It was such a great parallel of the tension of life and the tension in this epic match.  To me this play had it all.

Something Challenging
Suzanne: Balance. Part of me wants to sit outside and feel the sun on my face, the other wants to work on 12 projects at once.  Hello daylight savings.  Thanks for the extra daylight.
Mike: I've been collecting quotes and inspiring figures and trying to put together a more focused vision.

Thanks for being a part of our days, weeks and years.

Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers