What a week of beautifully wild weather and self reflection. Thanks for following our journey, I hope you are feeling refreshed and content wherever you are. 

Something Lovely :: Seeing the beautiful picture of Suzanne at the ice bar in Sweden. It makes me smile seeing her traveling joy.  I also love coming home to my nephew Gaiden and Miss Molly, the poodle.  They are always so happy to see me!

Something Captured :: With rain, comes the bright green colors in our hillsides and trails. I always rush out during or after a good rain to experience those vibrant colors. 

Something Dreamy :: I am always dreaming of my next vacation to a far-away-land or finding the path to happiness in 2016. It is a continual pursuit but I am learning to enjoy the journey and appreciate every moment, big and small. 

Something New :: I learned something new this week about myself, which is that I am very much like my old self. I have maintained similar interests and hobbies to my younger self. I have loved growing in the things I love most in life over the years and watching my progress. 

Something Challenging :: My continual challenge is to write, see and feel everyday within myself. The Artists Way has been an incredible resource that I come back to, time and time again. I do this to refresh my creativity and maintain balance in my life. 

Mike and the Wanderers