Inside Out :: Underwater

Dear Wanderers,

Shooting underwater is like shooting in a dream world. I’m excited to share these images with you. I loved the early morning bright light; it was blinding and moved so quickly. I loved the feeling of a kind of blinking blindness. It was a unique experience to take photos through the mask and then view the prints afterwards. 

I've known Anna for a long time now. She's infectious, joyous and I've loved watching her grow up. I am always excited to get Annette's voicemail (her mom) because a younger Anna left the message and it's so fun to hear her little girl voice knowing she has grown up into such a beautiful young lady. I asked Anna if she wanted a play date with me on a particularly busy wedding week. Sometimes if I'm shooting a lot, what I need most is to shoot something without any expectations; just to play with someone I admire and see what happens. I'm really grateful to Anna and her beautiful momma for giving me their time during a crazy week. 

The act of creating this shoot was physically challenging to a degree for both of us. We would come up gasping for air and wipe the water out of our eyes and laugh. It was an exhausting shoot, but also a breath of fresh air. 

With wrinkly hands and a contented heart,