5 Somethings // Fresh Start

I am looking out to 2016 with a grateful and excited heart for all of the adventures and happenings to come. We are excited to share our '5 Somethings' with you. We hope you enjoy tidbits of our dreams, love, photography, and life musings every week. 

Something Lovely :: I've started inspiration boards for rebranding. It's been so fun to be on the lookout for just the right color palette.

Something Dreamy :: In less than 2 weeks, I fly to Copenhagen and Stockholm for a winter Scandinavian trip to visit some friends. What will it be like? I'm so curious.

Something Captured :: A winter snowy engagement shoot in Julian. San Diego's weather was wild this week.

Something New :: If/then Jen and I went to the Broadway show.  I'm not one to indulge in what could have been.  Gratitude for what is real, has always been an easier concept for me.  This show was so much more layered than I anticipated.  I usually expected more jazz hands from broadway then a deep, introspective tear jerker.  It was an achievement and left me a little changed.  I think as I start working on my goals and designing my life for 2016, I'll think of this show and how it pushed me a little.

Something Challenging :: We've been pouring through our portfolio's to update our website.  It's like choosing your favorite child. There are so many thrilling moments.  This is going to take awhile longer than I thought to curate.