4 Things... Spring Forward

Hello & happy Sunday everyone! It's the time of year to spring forward- I hope that everyone remembered to reset their clocks last night/ this morning.Dreaming of: my new underwater housing, I can't wait for it to arrive. This is going to be a rad summer full of beautiful water portraits. Check out our previous underwater works- they're so much fun.

Creating: a new body of personal work. I've been thinking a lot about print and I'm starting to conceptualize a physical body of work. My idea is still in the ephemeral anything is possible stage but I'm excited about the possibilities.

Watching: Bob's Burgers. I often fall asleep to an episode. The show itself is an acquired taste- definitely not something I ever thought I would like but by some turn of fate the Belcher's have become very zen to me.

Playing: I've spent the last few days making art, making friends, and going on a photo field trip (yes, a photo field trip). It's been such a sweet time running around and eating tacos with my tribe. They have done a fantastic job of recreating a summer camp. Running a business and shooting for your dreams can be overwhelming at times and I'm so grateful for this time to decompress and be inspired.