I hope that you are all having a great Sunday! This week I’ve had so much fun- I got to hang out with my ridiculously cute nephew, have a phenomenal time with cool people in Yosemite , and go on a great date night at the Old Globe.Obsessing over: Headspace. Headspace is my  stylish meditation app that makes it easy- today was my eighth day in a row using it . It helps me get in the right mood to accomplish the things I want to- I encourage you all to give it a try!

Reading: Burial Rites. I am totally wrapped up in this dark novel by first time author Hannah Kent. It is set in rural Iceland on farms with mostly turf houses. I actually saw these houses on my Iceland trip last summer and I was fascinated to hear this dark tale set in such a hauntingly beautiful place.

Traveling: This Wednesday Mike and I will head to Vegas for WPPI. WPPI is a photography conference on a giant scale. Photographers come from all over the world to hang out and refine their craft. I’m super excited to get to spend time with my fellow artists.

Dreaming of: In less than two weeks I’ll be camping/glamping with friends in El Capitan. I’m dreaming of clear skies and not needing a rain jacket! And, of course, s’mores.