Happy Sunday from the big apple! We have an e-shoot in NYC and are spending the weekend with Mike’s family in Warwick. We’re hoping to do a few more spur of the moment shoots- we’ll see how it goes.Obsessing over- I’m in love with these Instagram feeds: Stella Maria Baer and Yoshimoto Nara

Dreaming of- Phoot Camp!  I just heard about this crazy awesome super fun event. I hope that they do one in 2015 and that I’m there running around, laughing, and making new pals.

Letting go of- Artist disappointment. A shoot I’ve been really looking forward to got rescheduled again. What do you do with your unfinished dreams? How do you know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em? My inner artist is impatient and throws tantrums easily- she’s sulking in the corner. So many dreams are being realized, yet I don’t want to let go of this one.

Adventuring- I went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and I saw a great piece by Judy Chicago called The Dinner Party. It was EPIC.

Here's a snapshot of me with a sweet mural in Brooklyn- I'm in love with all the public art here.

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