4 things...Superbowl Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone.  I hope you are enjoying game day.  After a week in Indiana I am excited to be home, and what better way to spend some time with Mike than watching TV and eating some good food.  Even though my team is not in the game I will have fun cheering along and enjoying the festivities and commercials that come along with Superbowl Sunday.Watching: Game of Thrones.  After the Superbowl Mike and I will continue our marathon. We were definitely late to the game on this one.  After so many people told us to give it a try we finally sat down to watch this great tale.  The author is such a magician.  I am in story land heaven.  Our goal is to be caught up before the new season airs, and I don't think we will have a problem doing so.

Reading: The War of Art.  This book was better than I thought it would be.  It catches you off guard and leaves you wanting to soar and paint and turn cartwheels at the edge of the ocean.  It is worth a read.

Dreaming of:  NYC.  Later this week Mike and I are flying there for an engagement session and then heading outside of the city to visit his family.  What a treat it is going to be.  Hopefully there will be a winter wonderland of snow when we arrive.

Hanging out with: Morgan and Joe for the finale of our fantasy football season with some chips, salsa and a few beers.  It was a fun run this season.  I definitely was not victorious, but neither were the Packers and they are still awesome.


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Have a wonderful week.