4 things...playing cards

Happy Sunday.  I hope everyone is enjoying the rainy weather today.  With such little rain last year I am hoping this is an indication of the type of weather we can expect this year.  Just a few days of rain over the past few weeks have already made a difference.  The hills are greener, the trees look quenched and the grass is growing.  With a lot of my work taking place outside I especially  appreciate how beautiful this city looks with a little rain.  As I enjoy the weather today I will be thinking about these four things.Enjoying : Artofplay.com at Coffee and Tea collective.  I had never seen an art exhibit about playing cards.  The designs were brilliant.  Part of me wanted to collect them all.  Mike and I enjoying playing cards, especially on days like today, so I am sure we will have some new sets soon.

Creating : a new personal Instagram account suzanne_ofeldt.  Just a little space to post some personal work.  Hope to see you there.

Pinning : Art techniques.  With all the inspiration and tips out there for creating new art this Pinterest board is my collection of things to try.

Dreaming of : Detroit.  When I was in Italy at a day after wedding brunch, I noticed a few of the guys there had Detroit t-shirts on.  After talking to them about it, I found out that they traveled to Detroit for work now that Fiat has an office there.  The Detroit t-shirts have been on my mind occasionally since.  I need to make plans to go buy my own Detroit t-shirt soon.


X1fb2k7YjSIPb7jKZtWchLFRTh_0c3Qz4qx_7ChTHokHave a wonderful week.