four's the most wonderful time

Happy Sunday everyone.  I am overjoyed by the fact that it is the most wonderful time of the year. No matter how hectic it gets during the holidays I enjoy every minute of it.  I love packing my days full of holiday fun, and squeezing in as much as possible.  Between celebrating, decorating, shopping, ice skating, watching holiday movies and singing Christmas songs, the fun seems to never end. This week I am continuing in my celebration of the most wonderful time of the year with tree picking and decorating.  Mike and I are in for a fun-filled date night, I already have our decorations put aside, music picked out and hot chocolate waiting to be made.Watching : How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe. Who loves Christmas? The Who's love Christmas.  My friend Jen and I caught some of the holiday magic at the Old Globe this week.  The cast did a phenomenal job capturing the comedy and spirit of the original Dr. Suess book.

Reading : I did not manage to make it through The Burgess Boys for book club this week.  Even though I loved cooking and hosting dinner for everyone the book was beyond me.  This would be better suited for the depressing months of winter somewhere where there is actually winter weather.  After chapter 3 I switched to the Goldfinch.  We shall see how it goes.

Celebrating : The Christmas parade in Coronado.  I love hanging out at Root 75 and watching the parade in Coronado.  It is such an awesome chance to check in with so many sweet friends who stop and drink Katherine and Christy's champagne.

Dreaming : there is a little piece of me that is already dreaming of next year.  My brothers family is moving to San Diego this winter and I can't wait to see my nephew in his Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve.  I wish we were already all together.

Have a wonderful week everyone.




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