4 things...wanderlust

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  I am excited for Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season.   The holidays are always special.   It is a time of endless fun with friends and family.  As we get older we all get busier and busier, so the holidays become a time to break away from our daily routine and treat ourselves to some fun times.  No matter how busy our lives get we know that it is this time of year that is meant to be spent with our loved ones.  This week in the spirit of the holidays, Mike and I started planning out our winter festivities.  We are looking forward to winter travels, holiday shopping and of course some time snuggled up with warm drinks and good reads.Reading : I'm obsessed with Frankie magazine.  I read my first one today.  It's Australian witty and beautiful.  I've always admired the Australian way of being incredibly good at something and naturally unpretentious.  There is this undeniable striving to be world class but also, in general, a beautiful understatement.  This magazine makes me want to hop on a ferry with bottle of Shiraz and head over to the latest Vietnamese restaurant in Balmain.  Seriously folks, it's that good.

Stalking : Travelzoo is one of my best friends.  Some people love the Kardashians but I prefer to follow Travelzoo and their top 20.  Wednesday at 8 they send out the newsletter and you never know what's going to happen.

Shopping : Pigment is like shopping in a really cool magazine.  Mike and I spent some time picking out a few treasures at Pigment this weekend.  We decided to jazz up date night with a few ornaments and cocktails.  Pigment is the perfect place to dream up some prettiness.

Dreaming of : our winter vacation.  Winter is the time to take a few weeks off and check in with my inner traveler and artist to see what my hopes and dreams are looking like.  Mike and I are brainstorming right now and Chile and Peru are on the short list.  I wonder where my wanderlust will take me.