The $40,900 Question: David Wasserman from Joes on the Nose

If you've ever been to one of the many farmers markets in San Diego, such as the Little Italy Market on Saturdays or the Hillcrest Market on Sundays, then you've probably seen that bright orange truck complete with a large gathering. That would be Joes on the Nose, a coffee mobile. Not only do they show up to the farmers markets of San Diego and bring smiles to our faces with their organic coffee and espresso, but they cater as well. Read on to see what else is going on with these guys.
1.What is the most exciting thing about catering coffee to events such as weddings?
I love watching guests’ excitement as they realize they can get espresso drinks at a wedding, then (even better) their reaction when they receive a beautifully made drink. I love that our Espresso Bar can help be a part of a such a fun creative event- that will be remembered for a long time to come. 
2.What makes Joes on the Nose so wonderful?
Aw, you’re too kind. Our entire staff really loves coffee and only wants to serve drinks that are good enough for them to drink. We use great ingredients, and train our super cool staff intensely. I’m serious about that- have you talked to our barista staff? They’re awesome, and not just at making coffee. We do our best to offer consistently great service from the first phone call or email to our clients’ wedding day or event..
3.What brought you into the coffee business?
After working over ten years in TV, film, and commercial production I was ready for a change, and wanted something a little bit different that allowed me more time to pursue other interests- one of which being coffee
4.We love that your business is mobil. What made you decide on a coffee truck instead of a traditional cafe?
I originally built the Big Orange Coffee Truck in 2007 to offer drinks to surfers and other beach goers in the morning. The only way to do this (and access a variety of locations) was to be completely mobile. It was also a much more efficient way of checking the surf. It’s quite difficult to run a profitable (and high quality) brick & mortar cafe. I’m proud that our Truck is the longest running “gourmet” food (er, coffee?) truck in Southern California- if not the entire state
5.If you could have another profession other than what you do today, what would you do?
Surf filmmaker. Or potter. Or think tank thinker. One new profession is not enough, sorry.
6.Three things you can’t live without?
Salty air, Family, Laughter
7.What do you do to recharge and unwind?
Surfing, pottery, and spending time laughing with Maya, my wife.
8.Is there a type of coffee or tea drink that you could have every day and not get sick of?
Espresso, a cup of (good) black coffee, or a drink I fell in love with in Israel: Tea Nana, or black tea with fresh mint leaves. So good.
9.If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?
I’d head south on a surf trip through Baja, take the ferry across to mainland Mexico. Ikeep heading south through Central America. Trip would be filled with surfing, visiting coffee farms, exploring, eating, and more surfing. This is assuming I have a few months to spare, a tough concept with a baby coming soon. That being said, when should I expect the check?Joes on the Nose, Shewanders, Shewanders Photography, Wedding photography, San Diego wedding photographer, San Diego photographer