4 things...musicials

Happy Sunday everyone.  It has been a fun filled week for me.  Vegas did not disappoint.  Mike won $40 on the slots and then lost $10.  We are not professional gamblers by any means but we did use that $30 to celebrate with drinks at the Vesper.  While we were there Mike educated me on the origin of musicals.  He told me that it was because of people like me, who were bored of communicating and were not that great at it.  Because in musicals you talk sometimes and then you just sing the rest of the time.  He raised a good point, although I do not think he is 100% right.  Either way we could not stop laughing about it.  I may never look at a musical the same way again.  Thanks to all the fun we had this week we still have not officially unpacked.  However we have mutually agreed that we will attack the boxes on Saturday.Hosting: A luncheon for my pals at my new place.  We like to do a small friends Thanksgiving every year.  It is nice to talk about the year and reminisce on the moments we've shared.  I look forward to it every holiday season, and I am eager to catch up, share some laughs, eat good food and sip on wine.

Planning : A trip to the east coast.  After the fun we had in Vegas we decided another trip was in order.  We are thinking New York, Boston or Pittsburg.  Hopefully the stars align and the entire Vegas crew can make it.  We have to continue our #adventureswithus

Watching : Fall TV.  I know I mentioned it last week but I just have to say it again.  If you do not watch Scandal you really need to.  Without spoiling anything, there was a Helen of Troy montage at the end of this weeks episode that was so well done.  It seems like TV shows are stepping it up and drawing the audience in closer and closer.  I also highly recommend Parenthood.  Julia and Joel's elevator scene was absolutely beautiful.  I am sad that it is the last season.

Listening to: Bright Eyes, "This is the first day of my life".  I can listen to this song over and over again and not get tired of it.  It is hard to believe it has been out since 2005.  It is definitely one of those beautiful tunes that will be playing for generations to come. lakephotography