4 things...designing

Happy Sunday.  I hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour of sleep today.  After the busy wedding season I've had the extra hour under the covers was much needed and much appreciated.  This week I have been inspired by design.  With Mike and I settling into our new house and striving to make it a home, I have been keeping an eye out for the elements I want to be apart of our next chapter.  My home has always been a space for me to capture my love for art and creativity, this new house is no exception. In seeking fresh and creative ideas I have been inspired by people, places and interesting articles.  One article in particular was about Airbnb's Landmark Project during London Design Festival.  It is interesting to see how different people interpret home. 

Designing : my daydreams are of open spaces and custom designed prints on the wall. I have been pinning inspiration for weeks.    First I'll need to finish unpacking so I can start turning our new apartment into a home.

Watching : Scandal.  It is the perfect guilty pleasure.  We are going to be in production the next couple of months and Scandal is like a good friend coming over with a bottle of wine.  If you haven't watched it yet I do suggest a Scandal watching marathon.

Dreaming of : uncluttered workspace and painting.  Painting relaxes me.  I just need to put a few more things away so I can paint to my hearts content.

Photographing : Minda and Lance's amazing wedding day.  Yesterday was the last wedding of 2014 for us.  I'm so thrilled with our amazing couples and the creative year we have had.  Let portrait season begin!



I hope everyone has a wonderful first week of November.