The $40,900 Question: Archive Rentals

We feel so lucky when we get to work side by side with Regina and Krista of Archive Rentals. Their close attention to detail and sweet personalities shine through their work. Thank you both for being so wonderful.1. What makes Archive Rentals so wonderful?

Krista:  Our team is constantly working together and drawing inspiration from one another as well as our clients. I feel so lucky to also get to share in a partnership that makes me excited to come to work every day. Of course our furniture, florals, and events design is pretty special, too, but the personal satisfaction I feel working with amazing people everyday is what really sets this company apart to me.

Regina: What I love most is the culture we have built our company selecting people that are collaborative, free thinking, and highly creative. We may all have varying ideas and opinions, but we all always agree that the clients needs are our number one priority and when we all come together, magic happens. Krista and I have been successful because of the support of our team.

2. A piece of advice for brides to be?

Krista: Enjoy every moment of the process. Savor all the memories and planning up until that special day, and then on that day, so be in the moment that you are able to soak it all in!

Regina: Enlist people to take care of your big day that you know are amazing and trust. Then let go. Let the pro's work hard to make your vision happen while you remain stress free, get lots of beauty sleep, and then bask in the glow of your amazing day!

3. What is the most thrilling aspect of your work?

Krista: Getting the opportunity to travel and design events!

Regina: Seeing something I envisioned in my mind become reality. I have an active imagination, so this aspect is so gratifying...especially when things turn out even better than I imagined.

4. Color pallets you are loving lately?

Krista: I am loving neutral and soft tones like nude with dark saturated undertones like dark red. Actually, I am loving red in any way it comes.

Regina: After a season of bold mixed colors (which I have loved), I am coming back around to white. But not white in the tulle and organza kind of way, but more of a diverse pallet of warm earthy whites, with lots of textures.

5. Where do you draw inspiration from?

Krista: Nature and sometimes I have to dig way down deep into the pit of my belly.

Regina: I draw inspiration from places and experiences. Brief but unforgettable moments. Maybe it was a hayride when I was 7, a roadside picnic with my hubby in the wine country, ordering beers from a beach shack in Mexico, or the moment you round the bend at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Little fragments of those sensory moments resurface in the details of every event I design.

6. Most interesting client request?

Krista: Wanting a barn on an empty plot of land! We made it happen and it was gorgeous!

Regina: The most interesting request by a mile came from my partner, Krista. "Can I tear open this velvet sofa and stuff it with succulents?" Yes, yes you can.

7. What would you be doing if you weren't in the wedding/event industry?

Krista: I would still be an artist of some sort. I am ruled by color and light and find inspiration everywhere I look. I don't think I could ever be without exploring color, flowers, and design in some form.

Regina: I am a writer and have dabbled in film making. I would and probably will be doing it sometime in the future. Right now I am enjoying telling stories through design.

8. Three things you can't live without?

Krista: Family, friends, nature

Regina: Family, human interaction, a good nights sleep

9. What do you do to unwind and recharge?

Krista: Unplug and spend time with my husband and family. We love the beach and camping in the mountains. Nature and good family love always does the trick for me. I also love to spend time at home gardening in my free time.

Regina: My family and the ocean. Did I mention the good nights sleep?

10. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

Krista: I would be happy to explore beaches on the Fijian Islands with my family and just be.

Regina: France & Italy, the extended version. I like travel where you stay put in one spot for long stretches and really get to know the place and the people. And who am I kidding? I would eat every delicious thing I could get my hands on, so $40,900 would mean I would two airplane tickets to fit in the seat on the way home.Archive Rentals, Shewanders Photography, San Diego wedding photography, Wedding photography, San Diego photographer