4 things...rain dance

It is nice to be back in San Diego, although the time with my family was incredible.  Something that has been on my mind since my trip last weekend is the water shortage in the valley.  I have never been nostalgic about the Central Valley.  I was beyond thrilled to make San Diego my home.  When I drove through the valley this trip I was overwhelmed by the water shortage.  Most of the crops looked sad and dry.  Some of the fields only had tumble weeds.   The valley girl in me was a little heartbroken. The water shortage takes on another meaning in the valley- jobs, food, community.  The amazing produce is such a source of pride.  So feel free to do a rain dance and send some love California's way.Craving :  Fresh produce from the Central Valley.  I've never had a strawberry in San Diego that has tasted half as good as the ones you can eat at a fruit stand in Modesto.

Missing : Our airstream trailer on Orcas Island and our wonderful hosts Dan and Serena.  Dan is an architect and designed the perfect house overlooking the islands.  He explained to me that they take showers guilt free.  The rain water fills the well and then goes back out and waters the garden.  I am native to California so I had never heard of using as much water as you wanted.  He laughed at me and explained that it's pretty normal in the Pacific Northwest.  I've always loved that what is "normal" can be completely different in another neighborhood.

Dreaming of : A beautiful rainy October day.  I always love grabbing a book, drinking hot chocolate and listening to the rains cadence as I melt into my chair in pure relaxation.  Hopefully our rain dances will bring this dream to a reality.

Going to : The New Children's Museum for Target free Sundays.  Every time I photograph a wedding at the New Children's Museum I get inspired.  The Museum has so much to offer for all ages.  Sometimes I like to just go and walk around and enjoy the energy of all the children discovering new things.

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday everyone.




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