The $40,900 Question: Lydia from My Sweet Lydia's

If you don't already know, here at Shewanders we have a bit of a sweet tooth. We are really excited to interview Lydia, owner of My Sweet Lydia's, a delectable bakery that caters to all of your sweet tooth needs. From wedding cakes to dessert tables, My Sweet Lydia's does it all.1. What makes Sweet Lydia's so wonderful?

Sweet Lydia's can do pretty much anything dessert related. So in addition to our menu of cakes and petite desserts, we can customize just about anything sweet!

2. What inspired you to go into the baking business?

Quite a few things have inspired me to go into the baking business...for one, my family of entrepreneurs. I have always wanted to own a business and I was lucky to be able to own a business that I am so passionate about. I was also very inspired by my grandmother who was an excellent baker. I was also inspired everyday while attending pastry school in New York. I was very lucky to learn and be inspired by so many amazing chefs over the two years of school.

3. Most interesting client request?

I had a client request for a full tasting for their entire 20 person bridal party at their home to decide on desserts for the wedding. They had more desserts during their tasting than some weddings that I do! They had the best time and their bridal party loved being a part of the planning process.

4. What about the baking process do you enjoy the most?

The finishing touches. Garnishing and decorating is so enjoyable, especially when it puts a smile on a customer's face.

5. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When I see everything come together t weddings. When the cake or dessert bar is completely set up with all of the other details like florals, lighting, cake toppers, etc. It is so much fun seeing the bride and groom's visions come to life. And nothing better than seeing the photography afterwards. And nothing like positive feedback afterwards. I especially love to hear when my client's received compliments from their guests that do not even typically like sweets. I strive to be a really memorable part of the wedding.

6. What has been inspiring you lately?

I find inspiration all around in nature, fashion, interior design, etc.

7. A piece of advice for somebody going into the baking business?

Be prepared to work long hours on your feet and in a hot kitchen. It is definitely not the easiest of jobs at times. However, it is incredibly rewarding when delivering a finished product.

8. What do you do to recharge?

Spend time with family. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Charlevoix, Michigan with my husband and family at the end of July. We had the most beautiful and relaxing time on the lake. At that point, I was exactly halfway through my weddings for the year. It was the perfect recharge before the last half.

9. Three things you can't live without?

In work, my valuable assistant Melanie, my 6 quart mixer, and my iPhone. In life, my husband Cote, family, and good food and wine.

10. If you had $40, 900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

I would love to eat my way through France with my husband.

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