4 things...End of Summer

Hope everyone managed to stay cool this week.  I guess this heat wave was one last reminder of summer 2014.  It has been an adventurous summer and although its coming to an end I have managed to find ways to enjoy the last bit of it. This week has also been one of endings and beginnings for me.  I am currently in the process of moving to a new apartment in San Diego.  I am looking forward to the love and enjoyment a new house can bring while saying goodbye to the location Mike and I have called home for a year.  With all the details of moving filling my week I am thankful that I had my four things to enjoy.Reading: Orphan Train.  I found the story telling to be the highlight of this novel.  Told in flashbacks, this novel grabbed ahold of you and made every flashback more and more interesting.  I am so glad this was the novel of choice for my book club this month.

Dreaming:  About our new apartment. We all know moving is not fun, but decorating sure is.  I can not wait until Mike and I are all unpacked and decorated and the new apartment starts to feel like home.

Planning: a trip to Northern California for my brothers wedding. With less than two weeks to go I can not wait to see my little nephew again.   He is now three months old and I am eager to see how much he has changed. I am looking forward to a loving family weekend.

Intrigued by: a new app a friend told me to get.  Its called "apps gone free" and everyday you get an alert about apps that are free for the day.  Its a risk free way to try some new fun apps.  I cannot wait to see what I discover.

Happy last weekend of summer everyone.