The $40,900 Question: Ashley Allison-The Dailey Method

If you are looking for a great workout custom to your body, then look no further. The Dailey Method is an exercise studio owned and managed by Ashley Allison. We are so lucky to have gotten an interview with Ashley and to hear more about The Dailey Method and the wonders it has to offer.1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Witnessing the amazing healing powers of The Dailey Method, both mentally, physically and spiritually with all my different students. Each person has their own reason and need for coming to their very first class and it is beautiful to watch them gain much more than just an exercise routine as they build a practice with us! I have seen/heard of so many different results from rehabilitation from injury, flexibility, strength, weight loss, to simply just gaining some self confidence and self love. I feel so honored to be a part of it.

2. What first got you started with the Dailey Method?

A friend of mine took me to a class when I was living in San Francisco and I was hooked from day one. Later, I used TDM to rehabilitate from a back injury and that was when I truly started to appreciate the scope of what TDM had to offer and felt a need to share it with more people.

3. What makes the Dailey Method so wonderful?

It’s ability to offer so many different things to people - it’s not just an exercise class, it’s a practice and it’s a community. For me, I was first attracted to the perfect combination of stretching and strength training in one class. Once I really began my practice, I started to understand the importance of prioritizing alignment as we do in all of our positioning and how unique it is from other exercise regimes. As I went deeper into my practice, I could really appreciate the mental/spiritual outlet it provides as well, and the education and connection it creates within your own body.

4. What would you say to somebody who is looking into exercise as an alternative to something like invasive surgery that may not be mandatory?

I would give them a big hug and tell them how amazing it is they are willing to give their body a chance! I would tell them to be extremely patient and kind to themselves because it takes a lot longer to heal your own body from the inside out, but it also lasts much much longer with way less side effects ;).

5. What do you do to recharge? You might not believe me, but honestly, I take class. It’s those times when I feel I don’t have any time or energy to take class that I usually need it the most. If I force myself to get in there, I come out as a new person! Not going to lie, naps are awesome too. I think I love them even more because I rarely get to take one!

6. What profession other than yours would you like to try?

Hard question! I’m a curious person and can find interest in a lot of things, so it’d be hard to pinpoint one profession. It would have to involve helping people (or the greater good) in some way, that has been a huge drive for me in everything I do. Funny enough though, if I had to come up with an answer to this question, I think I’d go with owning an elephant rescue, but I guess they are people in their own right and are definitely part of the greater good ;)

7. Something that has been inspiring you lately?

The human connection and empathy. I have found myself really thinking a lot about wanting to teach people (and myself) to be kind to themselves because I think it would lead to more kindness for others. I’ve started to really notice how we can be mean to ourselves in many different ways and varying degrees and it’s interesting to see how it manifests itself in different behaviors that affect those around us. At the risk of sounding pretty cheesy, I am really sensitive to anger and selfishness and I feel this heart wrenching need every time I watch the news to figure out how to do my part in getting people to recognize that we are all connected and sharing this life together, so why not do it joyfully?

8. A food you couldn’t live without?

Warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven and a cold glass of milk - don’t tell anyone I’m a cookiemonster!

9. Something people don’t know about you?

I want a pet elephant. Seriously.

10. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

Interesting number, why the extra $900? This is another tough question! Hmmmm, I LOVE to travel, and that’s a lot of money to travel on, so I might have to cheat on this one and say I’d buy a round-the-world ticket for my husband and I (and may as well throw one in for my dog too since we have all this money to burn because she would be an awesome travel campanion!) Why not use that extra $900 for a first-class ticket and live it up while we can?! I would make sure that we went to places we have never been before and target the ones that are harder to get to when we don’t have an imaginary fortune :). I like a balance of active exploration and total relaxation when I travel, so I’d probably skimp on hotels/etc in some parts, spending more money on doing things, and then splurge on nice hotels and spa treatments in other parts. I like to see all the sites, but I really love getting off the beaten track. I’m a sucker for natural wonders and beauty, I tend to really lose my breath when I am standing in front of a massive waterfall or at the top of a mountain watching the sunset or just sitting and watching people of different cultures laugh together, especially children. I always love to hear young children speak different languages, there is something so adorable about it!


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