Adventures in Sydney, Australia

Sydney feels like home to me. When I think about the feeling it gave me, it feels like home. When describing Sydney, the words pretty, exhilarating, and epic come to mind. The biggest culture shock was that everybody has nicknames, even in professional businesses. On your business cards, you most likely will have your nickname on there instead of your birth name. They don't stand on ceremony at all, and it is kind of fun that way. The locals are fantastic at having a good time. When they are off of work, they enjoy drinking outside and having a BBQ with friends. The best local food is the seafood at the markets. If you want a good meal, head over to the markets for some fresh fish. Another fun thing the locals like to do is people watch, and they call this "perving".   I love that everyone uses terms of endearment. Your barista, waiter, dentist, and doctor will all most likely call you love.  I miss living there, it was a fun time, and I would love to visit again soon. Below are some images from one of My and Mike's trips to Sydney.