Hope you all had a wondrous 4th of July.  This week has just flown by.  Wedding season is definitely in full swing.  We had two amazing weddings last weekend and a sweet destination wedding yesterday.  So that means more pictures coming your way.  I feel like we've really gotten into a good rhythm.  Finally, I am getting a little less shy and sharing a whole lot more of our lives and work with all of you.  So thanks for stopping by.  It means a lot.  Here are my 4 things for the week.

Drinking: Champagne.  Mike came home with a bottle of champagne earlier this week.  Considering the joy IPA brings him, I was swept off my feet.  Sometimes it's the little things that bring a slow smile to your lips.

Listening: To the Songza App everyday.  The concierge will help you pick out a playlist based on mood, activity or genre.  Recently I had a fun time with "Your own John Hughes Movie".

Loving:  Mike and I were listening to some old school Waylon Jennings the other day and he said he had a daydream once where he serenaded his grandma at a picnic to the tune of "Rambling Man"

Dreaming: We are dreaming about an upcoming wedding in Northern Italy this August.