the $40,900 question: Quixotic Weddings

Today I thought we would share a little bit about one of our creative partners. Quixotic Weddings.  Couples ask us all the time about wedding filmmakers and you know we love to collaborate with talented folks.  Here is your chance to get to know an inspired San Diego couple Scott and Jenny Hoops.xoxo Suzanne

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1.What drives your wedding films?
The couple and their love! Once we've had a chance to get to know the couple, see their day unfold, and look through hours and hours of footage, there is a moment where it becomes clear what their film should be.
2.What fascinates you about weddings?
A wedding is such an intimate moment. There is so much intensity and emotion surrounding the day - relationships with family and friends, organizing the details, and ultimately the commitment that the two people are making. We are truly blown away at every wedding we film - people say the most beautiful things and it's so amazing that we get to be part of such a special moment in someone's life.
3.What is the most thrilling aspect about your work?
S: The moment in editing when a piece starts to take shape and you can see what it is going to become - something totally unique that didn't exist beforehand.
J: After experiencing firsthand how incredible it is to have so many special moments of my life captured through video (childhood, family vacations, our wedding, travel & adventures), I love that we are able to record such an important moment in time for someone and that they'll be able to look back on those memories and share them with family and friends for the rest of their lives.
4.What is your get-ready routine for wedding days?
We try to prep everything the night before so that the morning of we can go for a leisurely walk, stop for coffee, and then come back home and watch an episode of the Colbert Report. And, though you did not ask, our routine for after each wedding is to celebrate with a shot of tequila!
5.What is your favorite scene to capture at a wedding?
J: The groom's reaction just before and while the bride walks down the aisle. I also love doing video messages from the bride to the groom (and vice versa) before the ceremony - it's such an honest moment.
S: Speeches and personal vows are some of my favorite moments because they are always unique and the voice inflections and facial expressions say so much in addition to the words. I also love being on the dance floor with a 50mm lens while everyone is dancing like crazy all around me!
6.Dream wedding venue?
S: I've loved shooting all over San Diego  - - so many amazing venues! With that said, we still have not been part of a vineyard wedding so I would say that is my dream venue at the moment.
J: Anywhere in nature (beach, mountains, forest, etc) and with lots of stringed lights and candles!
7.What details most capture your attention?
J: Smiles, tears and babies.
S: It's true. Jenny always films the babies - I'm in trouble! :) For me, I would say my attention is drawn to anything I haven't seen before. And at every wedding, there is ALWAYS something I haven't seen before.
8. I heard you two love to road trip, what place did you explore on your last adventure?
Las Vegas! And since videography is our passion in addition to our career, we brought a lot of gear with us on our trip. As a result, when the people in the elevator at our hotel saw us lugging in so much camera equipment, they thought we were making an adult film!
9.Must-have snack on every road trip?
S: Does wine count as a snack? But only when Jenny is driving of course! :)
J: I'm not sure why Scott said wine because he is always driving... :) Although he definitely brings wine to the drive-in theater! I love to stop at a gas station and get whatever I'm in the mood for... probably chocolate and coffee!
10.Finally, If you had $40,900 to spend on traveling, where would you go and what would you do?”
We've just spent the past twenty minutes debating the best travel route but have yet to come to an agreement... so here's the gist of where we'd go and what we'd do in no particular order: We'd head to NYC to live it up in the city and visit family and friends, stop by South America to drink wine, hike the Inca trail and explore Easter Island, fly to Africa to go on a legit safari, travel around Europe stopping by London & Geneva to see family, Spain & Italy to drink, eat and be merry, Greece to see the architecture, Czech Republic for a romantic night out, Germany for beer and lederhosen, followed by an elephant ride and yoga lessons in India, then off to Australia for some fun down under, an opera and to see a dingo, next we'd hit up Japan for some sushi, and end the trip with a road trip from Vancouver to San Diego stopping at every amazing place along the way! We calculate that that should come to around $40,000 leaving us with $900 which we would take to Vegas and place a bet on 17 on a roulette table and if it hits we'd do it all over again!