An Interview With Cara & Jenny of Luxe Events

In our most recent newsletter we're talking about advice and who we turn to for the best guidance. We decided to interview Cara & Jenny for the inside scoop on two best friends running a successful business together in the industry!Thanks again for sharing all of your wisdom, Cara & Jenny. We LOVE Luxe Events!


What is your number one piece of advice for your brides-to-be?

C: Let everything go the day of your wedding and enjoy. The most important thing is celebrating the commitment you are making to one another! We coordinators will handle the rest.

J: Funny despite my complete infatuation with wedding decor my best advice is "its about the vows". Truth is I will make it pretty and we will make it run smoothly but your love is at the heart of it at all. Sleep well, be at peace, the details have a way of working themselves out. Do not lose site of what the wedding is all about.

Who gives you the best advice?

C: My mom. As a former teacher, she has seen it all!

J: In life or professional wedding planning? I suppose my sister is the answer to both. My touchstone. Am I being crazy? Is my idea brilliant? How do I bring down Oliver's fever? Should I go on a limb? What color is in for a manicure this week? She will always tell me the truth and yet always has my favorite answer.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

C: You only get one reputation in life, so take special care of it.

J:Whatever you are, be a good one

What is one thing brides ask about the most often?

C: That's a hard one, since it is our job to answer all the questions;)

J: How do I stay on budget? hint: 1) reduce your guest list 2) listen to wedding planner's advice

What is one thing that brides don't ask about but should?

C: First look/reveal. I love the tradition of seeing your bride/groom at the ceremony, but with the scope of most weddings now days I think couples will be happy to have the extra time for photos

J: I love recommending my favorite vendors to match their personality and budget.

Design style you're currently loving?

C: Sparkle. From gold leafed table numbers to full on sequin linens, its fun and fresh and puts me in a cheery mood!

J:I just did a design for colorful Bohemian Glamour I am really loving. I like any design I see in a Jose Villa photograph. :)

Favorite "I want to go there" destination?

C:The Greek Islands

J: If I ever ran away from my world to be alone, I'd go to London. Favorite city.

Most surprising quirk about your best friend?

C:One of my best friends has a very girly job in design (guess who), yet she has a very man-like palette and eats only red meat and loves whiskey.

J: Its more of a blessing than a quirk, but she is the most generous person I have ever known- of herself, her time, and her love. Oh the quirk- she does not get hangovers. Ever.

Best design advice in 5 words?

C: Beware of too much DIY

J: Dream, Edit, Decide, Release, Celebrate

Best perk of your job?

C: The thank you hugs from the bride and groom at the end of the night. Oh, and having fresh flowers to take home after.

J: Being an intragal part of someone's love story, its an honor.

Wishlist item you want so bad it hurts?

C: A house so I have more rooms to decorate! I am out of space and every time I leave West Elm or Home Goods empty handed I feel very sad.

J: Got my eyes on a pair of Christian Louboutins

Food you could eat everyday and never get sick of?

C: Tacos, tacos and more tacos!

J: Mexican food

Color combination you're crazy for?

C: The timelessness of black and white always draws my attention

J: Depends on the week! Right now: blush, gold & mint

Three things you can't live without?

C: Mascara, cute flats, and my watch(s)

J: My family, mascara, red wine

Describe Cara in one word

J: Sunshine

Describe Jenny in one word

C: Vibrant

Current obsession?

C: Our puppy, Nala. I am nuts about her:)

J: Making my twin babies Oliver & Isabelle smile