Abbey and Steve : Luce Loft

Abbey and Steve are an amazingly talented couple.  I loved hearing all about their art, design, and love escapades during the speeches.  When two designers are this in love I think the world has to be more beautiful, well designed, functional and a lot more fun.Abbey and Steve fell in love while designing a table for charity.  I think these two are the master of understatement.  I saw the table it's more like a clubhouse or a small party for a child.  So I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised when "we practiced our first dance" really meant "we could win So You Think You Can Dance".  Seriously, I've now learned you can not even try to anticipate what is around the corner when it comes to Abbey and Steve.  How wonderful that they found each other.  They have boundless energy and leave the rest of us regular people in the dust.  I hope to collaborate with them on many more projects in the future.  I know I could only be a better person for it.  Jan and I had an amazing day and left Luce Loft with giant smiles on our faces reliving them moments of the day.

Congratulations Abbey and Steve you two are off to an amazingly beautiful start. xoxo Suzanne


Reception Venue: Luce Loft

Wedding Venue: Torrey Pines State Reserve

Photographer: SheWanders

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