We love Suzanne&Mike

 There is never a dull moment here at Shewanders as an intern. Every day is different but just as important as the last and the next. We are never short of yummy treats, silly stories, and hard, hard work. This week was pretty unusual for us however.  It was Suzanne and Mike's wedding week!


Thank goodness for us interns... ribbon tying, streamer decorating, errand running, more ribbon tying, hot gluing, ribbon tying and some more ribbon tying lead to the perfect display of pinks, teals, yellows and greys for Suzanne and Mike's Balboa Park wedding! The week of events consisted of the interns meeting at the most gorgeous beach house in Ocean Beach(who could complain about that). There, we spent our hours with ribbon, and lots of it! We were so excited on the day of to be a part of the setting up process and to see all the small details we had worked on become a part of the whole picture. Flowers, check! Linens, Check! Ceremony space, check! and the list goes on and on. We were amazed!


We thought we were working hard until we saw all the vendors collaborate and turn the open space into a gorgeous, Suzanne themed party. Coordinator Jen directed us to set up tables, linens, mad libs, sweets table, etc. I personally helped Katherine from Root 75 place incredible flower arrangements on each table. The transformation of both the ceremony space and the reception location so perfectly represented Suzanne and Mike's bright,  fun-loving, and heartfelt lifestyle. The best part of the wedding, and we all agreed, was  how much love and emotion we all saw, felt, and experienced the entire week. No bridezilla over here! All week we were overwhelmed by calmness, laughter and as usual, gigantic hugs! If a bride on her wedding day is filled with so much love and joy, I think it is safe to say that her life will follow suit. Now, we want a baby!


With lots of love,


Bree and the Interns


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